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Does anyone remember a picture with a crazy/hellish doberman or similar dog? It was a goofy image, the dog had wavy tongue etc. Can anyone find it? I've been searching it for few hours now. Thanks!

Pixel Art / Mini-me
« on: March 09, 2009, 07:01:10 pm »

I haven't pixelled for a looooong time, so I feel really rusty. I hope you guys could help me out here.

I try to have 2 lightsources but the result seems quite a mess and I'm lost what to do with it. The character is supposed to stand in front of a burning kiln, thus the strong key light and the blue light should be the fill / ambient light.


General Discussion / The industry's economic situation viewed as an MMO
« on: January 14, 2009, 03:50:31 pm »
Got this from elsewhere, but I found it funny and probably you'll find it too :) Sorry if the coloring messes things up, I will remove them if asked, just thought they would split up the text.

Player EA logged in.
Player Midway logged in.
Player Activision logged in.
Player Take_2 logged in.
Player THQ logged in.
Player Microsoft logged in.
Player Sony logged in.

Player EA says: yo Take_Two. Wanna group?
Player Take_2 says: fuk u i dont group with losers
Player EA says: ?
Player Take_2 says: newb
Player EA says: Come on I'll give you 2 billion gold
Player Take_2 says: no
Player Take_2 says: I got epic gear I don't need newbz like u
Player Take_2 roars.
Player EA says: dude just because you won the loot rool on that tier 4
GTA bow last time doesn't make you hawt shit
Player Take_2 says: loser
Player EA says: fuk u 2 then
Player EA says: Here comes the boss mob
Monster Recession awakens.
Player EA hits with sword "Mirror's Edge".
Player EA critical miss.
Player EA casts spell "Need For Speed".
Player EA spell fizzles.
Monster Recession hits Player EA for 50,000,000 damage points.

Player EA says: ow
Player EA casts aura "Dead Space".
Monster Recession dispels aura "Dead Space" from Player EA.

Player EA says: WTF? Omg this sucks thiss game is soo imba
Monster Recession hits Player EA.
Monster Recession hits Player Midway.
Monster Recession hits Player Activision.
Player EA gets hit for 200,000,000 damage points.
Player Midway gets critical hit for 250,000,000 damage points.
Player Midway's health is low!
Player Activision dodges.

Player Blizzard logs in.
Player Activision says: Yo Bliz. Wanna group?
Player Blizzard says: Sure, why not. Better you than the other wankers.
I was just chilling anyway.
Player Activision now grouped with player Blizzard.
Player EA says: Shit this mob is harder than I thought.
Player EA enters Defensive Stance at a cost of 10% of mana pool.
Player Take_Two: haha losers watch this
Player Take_Two hits Monster Recession for 500,000,000 damage points.
Monster Recessions heals Monster Recession for 500,000,000 damage points.
Monster Recession is enraged!
Monster Recession hits player EA for 50,000,000 damage points.
Monster Recession hits player Take_2 for 50,000,000 damage points.
Monster Recession hits player Midway for 50,000,000 damage points.
Monster Recession hits player Activision for 50,000,000 damage points.
Monster Recession hits player Blizzard for 50,000,000 damage points.
Monster Recession hits player THQ for 50,000,000 damage points.
Monster Recession hits player Sony for 50,000,000 damage points.
Monster Recession hits player Microsoft for 50,000,000 damage points.
Player Midway is unconscious.

Player Blizzard enters WoW stance.
Player Blizzard stance regenerates 100,000,000 damage points per second.
Player Take_2 says: FUUK
Player Take_2 says: I've used up all my ammo
Player EA says: Ya whatcha gonna do now MORON
Player Take_2 says: fuk u
Player Midway shouts: DO SOMTHING
Player Blizzard casts spell "Starcraft 2". Casting time 79 minutes.
Player Blizzard says: Sorry guys this could take a while
Player 9tendo logged in.
Player 9tendo says: WAZZUP BIATCHES!
Player 9tendo says: Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Player EA rolls eyes.
Player Midway rolls eyes.
Player Take_2 rolls eyes.
Player Activision rolls eyes.
Player Blizzard rolls eyes.

Player 9tendo says: Need help?
Player Microsoft says: you only have a 1-4 dmg dagger
Player 9tendo roars.
Player Midway says: dude you only have thrash gear
Player Sony says: ya kid leave it to the big boyz
Player Microsoft says: Shouldn't you be in bed right now kid?
Player 9tendo hits Monster Recession for 16,000,000,000 critical damage

Player Microsoft says: ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Player Sony says: WTF
Player 9tendo says: rofl where would u guyz be without me
Player 9tendo says: Wiiiiiiii
Player 9tendo says: Wiiiiiiii
Player 9tendo says: Wiiiiiiii
Player 9tendo says: Wiiiiiiii
Player 9tendo says: Wiiiiiiii
Player 9tendo says: Wiiiiiiii
Player 9tendo says: Wiiiiiiii
Player 9tendo says: Wiiiiiiii
Player Microsoft says: stop spamming man
Player Sony whipers to player Microsoft: man I hate that kid
Player EA says: Told you guys this game was imba

Player Midway says: And YOU're the one to tell us this? ? ? ?
Player EA says: whatever dude

Pixel Art / Platformer mockup
« on: January 01, 2008, 09:07:23 pm »
Hi all.

I've been shamefully unactive during past year or two so I though maybe it's time to do a comeback to a pixel scene :hehe:

I am doing one other project behind the scenes at the moment but until it is in the stage worth showing, I might show you the latest piece I did (a year ago tho :P).

I was looking for a job and I did it in quite a rush, since I wanted to fill my portfolio with several pixel pieces to improve the variety of companies I could try to apply to. There are some obvious repetition going on, so please mind that. But apart from that I am totally open for any c&c, which I can then use in my future mockup projects.

General Discussion / help needed with the fire animation
« on: February 01, 2006, 10:13:22 am »
I need to make 32x32 8 frames looping fire animation but first attempt turned out pretty ugly animation wise :) (can't show it because of the NDA :'() I'm in bit of a hurry with this project, so I figured maybe you guys know some tips or reference how to create realistically moving fire in small amount of frames.. it's not going to be bottom up kind of a flame but more like wind blowing from the side type of flame.

Thanks for your help

General Discussion / Sort of pixel art... in HARDCORE way :D
« on: December 06, 2005, 10:37:48 am »

I just found this amazing, so I thought sharing it. Who dares to try? ;)

Pixel Art / Me, myself and ma booty (c64 pixels baby!)
« on: August 05, 2005, 07:54:11 pm »
Hi, it's me again (like anyone would remember :D)

This was my compopicture to oldschool graphics competition for Assembly 2005. It placed 1st but still I'm not too happy with the outcome... could've been much better. Maybe next year then :)

PS. these emoticons suck!

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