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Hey there. I'm working on an SNES related project, and require a sprite artist that can make fighting game character sprites in a specific style (Street Figher II is similar). I'm looking to have 11-12 characters done, with possibly more work afterwards.

- Character size varies, but the characters will be around 48x72 (average) to 88x80 (large) while in an idle pose, with approximately 60-100 frames.
- Sprites cannot exceed 15 colors, with very limited exceptions. Colors are also limited to 5 bits per channel, though this will not be a requirement as the palette can be adjusted later.
- Animations require low fluidity. A couple examples: a typical idle pose uses 3 frames, and a walk cycle is usually 3-6 frames and used for both forward and backward movement.
- Emulating a specific style is required.

-Half up front, half upon completion. Will pay through PayPal.
-If promising, additional basic animations for that character will be commissioned
-If standards are met, commissions can proceed to full characters instead of individual animations.

If you're interested, you can contact me at

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