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Unpaid Work / Searching for a Pixelartist for a Robot Card Game
« on: June 16, 2018, 09:09:36 am »

I'm working on a Card Game (no computer game, a real card game to hold in your hands).

The concept and rules are ready and I have a growing list of needed cards.
Sadly I'm not good at drawing, so I'm looking for a talented pixel artist to team up with me, and make this game real.

You would need to draw robots, weapons and other stuff.
I'm looking for a verry simple clean style, whith less colorshades. It should not be too "cool". More like outlined comic style, but pixeled.

I really like the style of the robot shown here:

Is anyone interested?

Since this is a hobby project, and I'm just a normal person with a daytime job, I actually can't say anything about the payment.
This won't be a boss/employe situation, I'm more looking for a partner, who has the dream to see his creations in a real game.

If you give me the first examples, I will try to find an investor, or launch a kickstarter campaign, so I can pay you in advance/buy your images.
Or we create this game together, I pay the production costs for the first order of games and take the financial risk by doing so, and then I can pay you afterwards based on the number of sold games.

You just have to draw, I do all the other stuff to get this printed and sold.

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