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I'm currently working on a demo I'm hopeful to get out of the door in a month or two and need some artists to help me realize my vision!

This is paid contract work, and since I need a few different things, I'm open to having a few artists for specific assets, so inquire even if you can't do it all! I am still pretty open to styles but am looking for high end pixel art (think Owl Boy) . I'd be looking for (each line could be a single contract, but if you are capable of doing more than one please let me know)

Card Art (1 Card Back, 15 Card Arts)

Character Art (Including animation, 1 Hero, 5 enemies including boss 4 animations each + 1 victory animations for the hero, 25 animations total)

Backgrounds / Scenery (Need a normal room and a boss room, the doors need to be toggleable on different layers as well as assets)

Please include a portfolio link and rates in your response, you can additionally email your work instead to, thank you!


Don’t Give Up is the sassy comedic tale of Tris, an anti-social, cynical game developer  and his quest to confront his inner demons. Balance the hilariously dysfunctional tragedy that is your social life all while facing off with the phantoms of your inner conscious and those that would claim it.

It's a modern story focused RPG with real time battle and an original fighting system that gives both the enemy AND the player real time turns!

DON'T GIVE UP and is the official name and reinvention for the title Cynical 7 I've been working on and it features a new battle system and story telling. The new demo should hopefully be along in June!



The combat is still being implemented but the idea is to have an ebb and flow between the player and the enemy, where the player has a defend phase where they can do things like earn buffs and weaken the enemy, and then an offensive phase where they have a certain amount of time to dish out combos to the enemy!

In this gif the player just executed a combo move where he leaps up, fires a missile and runs back toward the enemy in order to dish more damage.

The Main Character


An aspiring game developer who suffers from anxiety and chronic “people disliking disorder”. He moved to Threeson 4 years ago after the “incident”. An unemployed introvert with only a handful of friends, Tris desperately seeks to find some sort of fulfillment in his life before his time (and his bank account) runs dry.

Likes: Anything with pork belly in it, especially pizza, mmmm
Dislikes: Social media zombies

You might even see some familiar faces during your stay in Threeson!

Thanks for looking!

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