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TL;DR: I'm a solo developer working on a 2D PC game. I'm looking for a pixel artist who can help. I'm willing to pay the estimated $15+/hour rate listed in the pinned topic, but I'm funding this personally so the rate will affect how much work I ask for.


My name is Mike and I've been working on a 2D game for PC/Mac over the past year. I've done some of the UI/world art myself but am certainly not an artist and have realized I need a pro. I need someone who can take an existing character sprite and animate it (walking, picking up items, punching, swinging tools, etc).

After that, I will need you to:

- Create and animate other characters - aliens (walking), alien creatures (some passive, some aggressive)
- Create and add animations for tools, machines, and other in-game elements
- Possibly redo/improve existing artwork

I'm looking to get an estimate on the character sprite animation first. I'd like to have that work done in late June or July.

If that goes well, we'll continue with other art over time as my budget and your schedule allows. It's pretty much guaranteed that this turns into a small amount of work every month over the next year as I progress with the game if this works well.

This is a fairly standard low-res game - most sprites are around 16px. My in-world player sprite is 16x32px.

I'm very flexible with schedules, I do this in my free time, but I do expect work to be done within a reasonable period.


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