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Pixel Art / 8-Bit Butt Ugly Martians (Final post)
« on: May 16, 2019, 04:36:36 am »
Hey everyone, so I made one unique idle pose for each of the three characters and a running animation for the yellow martian character. I game genre is set in a run and gun game, using the 8 bit Super Mario Bros as a base for all the characters, taking a little inspiration from Megaman.

I'd meant to draw a shooting pose, but it looked too terrible.

These are the characters:
Two huge images:

I used this image to figure out how to draw their bodies better:

Yellow Martian:

Blue Martian (This one didn't turn out so good):

Red Martian:

Thank you to everyone who I ever spoke to or who ever helped me. You were all great and I'll always remember what a supportive and friendly community you all were, not just to me, but to each other as well.

Unfortunately, drawing and preparing for pixel art is taking up too much of my time, but it's been a fantastic experience to see such gifted group of people.

Pixel Art / 8-Bit Street Sharks
« on: February 16, 2019, 01:00:36 am »
It's been a while.

Trying to draw these Street Sharks on paper has been murder, so I only successfully drew two of them. I tried my best two draw the hammerhead and the big red one, but I couldn't. I technically can draw the red one, but I'm not happy with the result.

Anyway, the first Shark I drew was the light blue one with the rollerblades. I was inspired by the game 'Paperboy'.

[All Four Sharks]

I was using this image of rollerblading as a reference.

[Sketch] Huge image

Clearly, a few things changed from transferring the sketch into pixel art. The hands are purposefully circles because I pretty much knew what they were going to look like in the finished product. I wasn't sure what was going to happen to the fin, which is why it was just placed in the middle. I basically had to sculpt out the head. There were better representations of the head in earlier drawings, but I just got sick of trying to draw the right representation.

[My piece]

When drawing the legs in particular, close up, the two looked completely fused, but looking at it from a distance (500%) I felt that it wasn't noticeable.

Pixel Art / 8-Bit Megaman Legends [top-down shooter]
« on: January 13, 2019, 10:37:59 am »
So, a bit to say about this one.

This is a recreation of an old sprite I made (turned out horribly). This time I sketched out what I wanted, several times.

The piece that I made may look like some sort of pallette swap of the character from GunSmoke, an NES game.
I'm proud to say that this is completely coincidental. The bad part is that by the time I sketched out the pose, I decided to dig through my collection of sprite sheets just to get in the mood of drawing pixel art, and I ended up noticing how similar the sprites were potentially going to look. Either way, I didn't feel bad. I felt good knowing that I designed an anatomical pose.

There were some things I omitted from my final design, like the black balls that connect MM's joints. I tried to incorporate them, by my attempts kept making the parts, like the legs, disjointed, or disfigured.

Megaman Volnutt:

My Sketches (The bottom left one is the pose I made into pixel art): HUGE IMAGE

My Piece:

Link to GunSmoke sprite [if you're interested]:

Pixel Art / 8-Bit Werewolf [WIP]
« on: December 12, 2018, 09:47:35 am »
Been away for a while due to life obligations, mainly. Also, this has been a really, really hard piece to make, so that slowed things down as well.

I wanted to make a sprite of a character that would force me to think about body proportions, particularly the back/spine.
I used this particular image because if I looked hard enough, I could make out the structure of the muscles and where each of the limbs are placed (if that makes any sense to someone).

I have to say, I had no idea how to draw the arms to match the original image. I tried my absolute best, and the right arm is left bare because it was so horrible that I just left it out.

I tried really hard to put in everything I've been told from my previous works so far and everything that I've analyzed visually from other sprites.

I tried to make the piece smaller, so it would fit as a Castlevania boss, but things naturally changed, so I made the piece as big as I needed it.

8-Bit Werewolf:

[Huge image]

Pixel Art / 8-Bit Overworld Green Lantern
« on: November 02, 2018, 05:59:30 am »
Same deal as the Batman sprite - strategy RPG sprite; inspired by Fire Emblem.

Didn't have room to include the feet, but IMO, it made it look better that way.

Green Lantern Sprite:

Pose is inspired by this image (creative liberties were taken):

Pixel Art / 8-Bit Overworld Batman
« on: November 01, 2018, 08:24:39 am »
I've done all I can with this sprite, but I'm not 100% confident (this sprite is completed, though). The design is based on the 60's incarnation, since the game would technically be released for the NES.

The idea was to have a Fire Emblem-inspired strategy RPG game.

Batman is meant to be holding the batarang, but I had a real hard time portraying just a boomerang because of the limited space.

Originally, I wanted to upload two different characters on the same post, but maybe there's a few critiques I can take in before I start another project.


Batman Reference:

Fire Emblem Overworld Sprite:

Pixel Art / 8-Bit Starfire From DC Comics
« on: October 18, 2018, 06:15:07 am »
I've since watched a bunch of Proko ['drawing human anatomy' videos] repeatedly (and will continue to) and I decided to do Starfire.

The character is in a pose I felt was appropriate for a side scrolling shoot 'em up. Starfire is known as a happy character, so I used light colors to reflect this. The theoretical game that came to mind was something like Fantasy Zone, or Panorama Cotton.

I scarified the green for the eyes for the sake of a darker shade of purple so the overall sprite would look better. Without the shading, it looked like a big blob, to me, anyway.

I've included my own sketch (sorry if you can't tell what you're seeing), a reference picture and my own pixel art.

Starfire reference picture (very large pic):

Sketch (very large):

I had second thoughts for the pose. Instead of Star facing backwards, I decided that I wanted her to face forwards.

Pixel art:

Pixel Art / 8-Bit Doctor Octopus From Spider-Man 2
« on: September 22, 2018, 09:28:45 am »
It's been about two weeks since I made a piece of pixel art.

Anyway, overall, I could only really attempt to copy the hairstyle of the movie portrayal instead of giving the character the comic book bowl hairstyle, but I think it's difficult to get that across in 8-bit, so I feel it's worth saying that.

The movie version wears a more sleek leather coat, but I thought that the dark colors would look horrible on the sprite, so I changed the color to a light brown, which made me to make the decision to draw a duster jacket, like the DC character Constantine. It's unfortunate because I really wanted to stick to the design 100% cuz I've often been making slight alterations to suit my own desires, which always end up biting me.

So, the pose is meant to be a dynamic attacking pose. Doc is leaning backwards just a little and pointing at the enemy, sending his metal arm to attack. His other arm is just kinda...there. I had a hard time thinking of an interesting pose for the right arm, and I was sick of the 'slightly bent, preparing for a follow-up punch' position. It's meant to be obscured by the jacket and behind him, which is why it's a little shorter in width and length. He's using the bottom metal arms to suspend himself in the air, so the arms are supposed to be supporting him by 'standing' on the ground. I'll post an image to show an example.

I've been casually observing cartoon characters and their use of color, which is why I opted for grey shoes - the least used color in the character. I chose to not give Ock's head a black outline. That was always the plan from the start. I couldn't find a way to implement the movie-type arms in a good way, so I'm assuming that this is the way they're supposed to look in 8-bit. I didn't have the room to implement the black gaps between the metal arms, even though I really wanted to.



Constantine Jacket:

Doc Ock in the air:

Pixel Art / Johnny Bravo Super Deformed NES Sprite
« on: September 06, 2018, 12:04:47 pm »
As the title says, and I based the character structure off the Mighty Final Fight design. Sorry for the long read.

See, I say 'structure' because I still wanted the freedom to not make the character into a full-blown anime art style.
I wanted to keep the western art style origins, but still incorporate the exaggerated amount of muscles.

The way I went about this is that, using the Hagaar sprite for example, instead of making patterns with two pixels, I used three in some areas. Because of Johnny's design, I refused to use any kind of 'optical illusions' and made sure to make it clear that his legs are stick thin.

The character doesn't 'fit' in a violent video game. He'd definitely be a comedic choice, being a great contrast to the genre and the other characters, thus the pose.

I always envisioned Johnny as a tall person IRL, so I made sure to make it clear that his legs have more pixels in them. If you could make it out, his legs would be 8 pixels tall if his arms weren't in the way.

I based his pose on an Arnold Schwarzenegger pose. I chose it because, to me, it speaks to his character - Johnny's more interested in his muscles than he is beating up other people that are going to hurt him, which is within his character, I feel.

I used my own sketch and Arnold's pic for reference, a Johnny Bravo picture, and I mainly used the Hagaar sprite for general guidance in terms of the height of the character.

This sprite proved more difficult than I thought, but problem-solving the shapes was easier than expected.

Please give me any critiques you can find/think of.

I'm taking a break for a little while now. Gonna be playin' Spider-Man PS4! (Please, no spoilers for ANYTHING!)

Johnny Bravo sprite:

Johnny Bravo pic:

Arnold's pic:

Hagaar sprite used:

General Discussion / The Pixel Art Quality Between Two Games
« on: August 28, 2018, 10:41:23 am »
Hey, this is crazy to me. I don't understand the limitations of the NES, granted, but I really wanna know what could've happened.

See, I guess, IMO, I find the Batman sprites in 'Batman: The Game' to be really bad, to put it mildly.

Then you get to the sequel, 'Batman Return of the Joker' and the sprites look incredible.

The first game was released in January 1990, and the sequel was released 21 months after the first game, December 1991.

What happened between those months is what I want to know. Did the technology to the NES increase, did the sequel get more 'funding' (I don't know jack about how much money goes where in game development), did Sunsoft simply hire a far better pixel artist, or did the art design for the whole game simply allow these advances for everything? Before I found out the first game was made by Sunsoft, I was betting that LJN made the game and the sequel got made by a different company.

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