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Pixel Art / D~Dawg's Pixels (Ribbs, Swords)
« on: August 05, 2009, 05:15:05 pm »
D~Dawg's first post, boo-yah!

I'm new to this website, but not-so-new to pixeling. (Like alot of people here, I see...)

You can be as harsh as you want to this N00B. ;) But seriously, I don't care. Say whatever you like. I might not always agree, though.

here's the project, a frog named Ribbs:

This is the best work I've done in years! ::) (sarcasm)
Anyway, how would you go about shading this? I tried every possible way and it turned out looking like someone splashed paint on him. Do you think AA would work for this peice? And do you think dithering might help my shading problem?

Here's how I made him...I took a picture of a little knick-knack I have, and outlined (in red) his main parts. Then I cleaned up the 'realism'. Next, I traced the red outline, with blue just to fix jaggys and stuff like that. Then I filled him in with my own colors.

Oh, and, transparency is coming soon.

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