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Pixel Art / Hey guys I'm back
« on: April 02, 2013, 11:47:23 am »
Last time I left I was a bit rude towards some of the members, I'd like to apologize for that ^.^ I've matured since then (I think).

SO! I've been wanting to make my own Online TCG after working for one under payment recently, with rules that take a bit out of all the famous TCGs like Pokemon, Yugioh and Eye of Judgement.

Atm I need help with the actual card template, theres gona be various elements and colors but I'm not completely satisfied with the actual card composition atm, maybe you guys could give me a few pointers? I don't want the card itself overloarded with detail since the monster style itself is rather simple... But yeah.

the thing bothering the most is the grid layout that shows the cards attack range, then maybe the sword & shield icons lol.

Pixel Art / [WIP] Yian Kut Ku
« on: February 25, 2012, 05:16:05 pm »
Hey guys, long time no see. I'm back working on some large scale stuff...

This is what I got started on, I'm not too happy with colors - but yes they have to be that dark and oily... Here is my reference: (I didn't do the Crest, that's breakable and therefore will be done separately... Kind of like an Equipment piece for the monster lol).

Any suggestions?

Pixel Art Feature Chest / GR#071 - The Werecrow
« on: September 02, 2011, 06:50:54 pm »
Hey guys, this is my old account... I'm usually known as Crow now ^^

But uhm, I wanted to post my latest pixel since I haven't been on this in the looongest (I bet no one remembers me :P... Maybe the admins? lol)

I didn't do it alone, Elk helped me alot on it. :)

I should probably take the time to say that, this is for my RPG - Wreckquiem... And I need a hand in the art department >.< it's a dark styled Rpg, if that's your type of thing email me at :)

C+C away!

Pixel Art / Crows [Me] Alter Ego
« on: April 11, 2010, 07:03:49 pm »
So last night I was looking around for reference for some work I'm doing, and I came across this.

I looked at the topic starter, and he was a beginner trying to learn some techniques, ok. Nothing strange, then I scroll down a bit and I see an edit containing the pose of my Dreams. Lol, I said I had to have it.

A couple hours later, I make this from it.

Yep. Super Sayian 3 Broly Meets Ryu from Breath of Fire lol.
But like I said I want it to be some sort of alter ego of mine, to use as Avatars etc, since I love Crows, swords and bulky guys- I mean what? *cough* >.> lol jk.

This is a rough sketch of what both wings may look like...

Something I know I have to do is lower the top spikes a little.

But besides that, I don't know the rules on editing other peoples stuff... I hope I gave enough credit, if it's something completely intolerable then go ahead and delete this topic and give me whatever infraction, I'll risk it.

Edit: More details and Less rough wings, on both sides now!

Pixel Art / Tambukaka Village [Green Stones with Waterfall]
« on: January 30, 2010, 09:19:39 pm »
This is a piece I just finished for my RPG. It's the beginners town, I'm going to drop every shop and what not inside the cave, palette isn't all mine the shading and what not is.

Pixel Art / Need Help with Hokage Building from Naruto
« on: November 21, 2009, 01:40:54 pm »
Ok so I'm still working on my game as you or may not know, and I've come to find myself stuck on another piece - this one made me give up for a couple of weeks tbh.

So this is it, the Kage building.

Palette from a Naruto GBA game.

As you can see It's minimally shaded right now, I wanted to try and shade the main body, but because of it's size I couldn't find the right way, everything would look ugly...
There's obviously other mistakes in there, and things that I could add to make it look more like an actual building - in a sense, but this is my main concern atm.

Pixel Art / Black Feathers Crow Corvus
« on: July 14, 2009, 11:12:12 pm »
I'm working on a plot for a side scrolling rpg / manga. The theme is animal tribes (Think Laguz from FE) with DBZ fighting scenes lol (Without so much the ki blasts, just strong blows)

Here he is
Some of the Palette isn't mine

at first I thought "Hey, he looks fine" and dumped it in the portfolio, but now people are telling me "the face looks weird" or "I can't see the body" :/ How can I fix him up, so that he'd look... Less hated.

Also working on a portrait for him... Palette isn't mine as I was testing around trying to make it look as good as some other referencial stuff, but failed.

I didn't want to post the portrait... But there it is. Just to give you an idea of what his older self looks like (I'll be doing a shippuuden styled timeskip lol) I'm kind of stuck on it, don't know how to approach large pixelated hair/clothing... 

P.s I wanted to do a portrait of him in his younger ages but could not :/ I'm bad at it in free hand, and in pixeling I can't even do it right proportionally T.T

-Inspired by Bakumans Manga -Crow- :D

Pixel Art / Inconsistent Gate! Help Needed~
« on: July 07, 2009, 06:21:22 pm »
So, I'm working on a game and I need some help to keep the "consistency" of all my work, so far this is the first problem with the consistency (Although it shows up several times in other works)...

How I want my shading to look

(I could also use some help with the bins on the second floor, they don't seem to fit well either)

Palette is not mine

And What I'm trying to fix

Palette is not mine

As you can see their saturations and what not are off, so when put in the same map next to each other it kills the picture... I'm also pretty horrible at making Palettes, that needed being said I'll show you what it looks like when I de-saturate the entire thing...

I thought it would work, but it ended up just giving it a "Gray" effect... Still better than explosive colors in my opinion -.- So yeah, need a push in the right direction ^^;

Final edit (For now)

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