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Pixel Art / [WIP][C&C] Leia like portrait - Amiga 32 col. picture
« on: January 25, 2017, 11:02:21 pm »
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First post since... I don't know ... years for sure ;)

Its 320x256px 32 colors (actually less now) picture for Amiga computer.
So first you have to consider limitation of the platform. Resolution and max colors are like above. There is also little differences in pixel aspect ratio between pal and todays displays. And most important - 4096 colors palette - means only 16 steps for each RGB channel.
I work in grafx2 - no conversion, trace etc. paint and fill

Idea was to paint portrait (not to portrait actual person - it could be done but its not my original intention) based on look of Princess Leia from Star Wars. I made reference photo for it - but it was really bad (mobile phone camera) so I have to change my gfx a lot. Mostly because of perspective deformation, but also light and colors.

A this moment I have only head - no background, still working on proper face form. Next I want to set up expression and mood. This time color scheme will be quite simple - I have like 8 col. free for future needs (like background) But it could change too..

Next step will be background (usually I start with complete proj. covering all aspect of picture colors, light, mood, background etc. before pixeling in grafx2)
It could be for example interior of the space ship in close up. Something like navigation panels with view of the planet in window ;)
Or something totally different :)

When I set up all of this (full palette, shape, light, background - some story or just mood) then I will start with pixel work - so please don't look at details and technique to much now ;)

Why I'm posting this?
I don't know - to find inspiration, advices, ideas, feedback - anything may help me really :)
I have not enough motivation at this point to move forward. A bit stuck.

Any ideas? Opinions? Advices?

PS - colors my look a bit odd - I'm working on mac, I noticed that my pixels looks different on windows
and sorry for my weak english, hope it all make sense

Pixel Art / [Wip] first c64 ifli picture - help needed
« on: June 19, 2009, 06:08:08 pm »
Hello, my first post here.
Please be patient, my english is rather bad. You were warned ;)
Not so long ago i started to draw for C64 again. I used ifli (3 colors+background for line of 8pxl char.) unfortunately.
From simple lineart, i quickly started to fill empty areas with colors and then with pixels. It was quite fun, but mindless also - effect: flat picture without perspective and lighting. (I don't comment idea [there is none ;) ] and composition - with i'm satisfied enough)
It looks like that:

After some time i removed background - as too flat, and work some more on details. Also changed palette to more reliable.

What to do next?, what is wrong?  -  i have some ideas but it don't help picture much, i think...
I need to ad some space to it, second and third plane, and change things that are wrong - with I, after so many time spent on it - just cant catch.

Ah, and one more problem - as i said before its ifli (interlaced fli - it flicks) - its quite nice for pixeling but on real machine, with those small details, single lines etc. it looks like shit.. How to manage with flickering? Someone help?
picture name is horror vacui - you know why.. ;)
in second screenshot restrictions are not corrected, but there are few.

even few words could help :)

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