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General Discussion / Art Instruction- NEED
« on: May 19, 2009, 03:33:31 am »
I've come to the realization that I suck at painting. I have been really trying here lately to work up some paintings and learn to work with digital painting in Painter X. After failing several times, I now see the problem. It's not so much as I need an art class, but when it comes to painting, I don't know where to begin. I've been fiddling about with sketches, and blank screens for some time, and have no clue as to a good start on painting. I see lots of people say, to paint successfully digitally, you must know how to paint traditionally, with real mediums. Is that true? And I can't afford art mediums and canvases and such. Basically what I want to ask is, if anyone knows of any art instructors over the internet, or someone who is really experienced in painting that I could talk to. I want to be a successful concept artist some day, but that won't come without knowing how to paint, and I simply have no idea where to begin.

General Discussion / Digitial Painting Help
« on: May 07, 2009, 01:40:40 am »
I don't know exactly where to post this, so if it's incorrect, I apologize in advance. I can't seem to find any good tutorials or guides for digital painting. Most of them either cost money, or are just total crap. If anyone knows of any they could direct me to, that would be most helpful. Also if anyone can offer me their own tips and guidance for a novice like me, that would also be great! I have a buncha sketches that need to be painted, but I don't know how to go about that in a procedure that will result in a pleasing outcome. I have seen some of the artwork posted in the creativity thread, and I must say... WOW! There is some good stuff there, especially from Indigo, and I want to be able to do the same.


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