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How do you put up in a job application that you are a freelance pixel artist? I know this sounds self-explanatory but some people don't tend to accept that when I put it in since I'm a freelancer who doesn't really work through contracts (even though my employers are legit and well known).

Have any of you guys gone to the local mall to get a day job and have to explain that pixel art is what you pretty much have been doing for a living for some time now.

So yeah, how do you put it nice on the paper so they can understand and or verify / etc that you're not making things up? Does this make any sense? Thanks in advance.

General Discussion / Pixelation on Twitter?
« on: July 03, 2012, 11:33:35 pm »
Why not? :) Also, those two usernames are taken already. Sucks. Also, what happened to the banner and all the ads and so on?

If you are an employer who's making a decent amount of money, you should pay whoever you hire.
All I want is for things to be fair here, and people to at least take the job section in a serious and realistic manner.

*ends rant*

General Discussion / The Liberated Pixel Cup!!
« on: April 11, 2012, 11:40:01 pm » is very proud to announce that we are collaborating with the Free Software Foundation and the Creative Commons to bring you the Liberated Pixel Cup, a two month long summer contest about creating a consistent set of art and then making awesome games with it!

As you might imagine, this is big news for OGA -- there's no better way for us to further our mission of bringing artists and developers together to make awesome free and open source games than having the opportunity to work together with the CC and the FSF towards making that happen!

So, what are you waiting for?  Go, check out the site, and join us on IRC at #liberatedpixelcup on
(click here to chat from your browser)!

Pixel Art / 42x60 Android Mascot
« on: March 27, 2012, 12:19:24 am »
Can I get some help from you guys on the shading / have one of you run a quick edit or something? I made this today, trying to learn how to shade objects like the android mascot since I need it to perform another drawing I have pending and I don't know how to shade these types of objects properly. I also need to apply the chrome effect on it. All help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Here is the reference:

Pixel Art / 32x32 Grass design / colors / structure critique
« on: March 04, 2012, 04:02:54 am »
Hi, I wanna know what's your take on this 32x32 tile I made. Let me know mostly about color choice / structure design and well any mistake I made and or that could improve it. Feel free to edit it as much as you want, also if you do a recolor, can you use the palette I'm using? I wanna see what colors make this better. Thanks.

Grass tile 1 experiment (5-8 minutes process work)

Grass tile 2 experiment (8-10 mins process)

General Discussion / I'm stuck, what do I do? what do I do!? haha
« on: March 02, 2012, 12:07:10 pm »
Hey everyone, it's been a while since I check out the community. I'm still a pixel artist haha, though I haven't done huge amounts of pixel art in the past months which have made me a victim of a certain common situation that I hope I learn more about it by sharing it with you all. Okay, you know how for example, you attempt to make a grass tile, and you fail and fail again... only then to find a tutorial about making grass tiles that you then read up and try again which ultimately allow you to get the grass tile done and past this obstacle... but then you have to make another grass tile and the same thing goes on, it just makes you question if there is something more than just studying tutorials that you need.

I have some art books that I'm down to studying to further my understanding of art, but my question is, is that what it's all about with pixel art? as someone who is still in that stage of say "learning the basic / intermediate / semi-advanced stuff"...? do I have to go read up a tutorial each and every single time I try something of new? (such as a grass tile which I consider mid level difficulty) Or can I just suck up a 300-400 page art book and bypass this practice? What do you do to get unstuck when stuck? and how did you learned to make all of these art assets, did you read art books? did you go to school? I have all these questions that I wanna know, to know if there is a better way of learning / practicing / studying than the way I do at this point, you know, to make things more effective in overall.

Thanks in advance.

Pixel Art / 24x32 RPG character template / animations
« on: May 07, 2011, 10:25:39 pm »
Hi again guys,

Thanks a lot for helping me on the 32x52 RPG character topic:
I will be working on that anytime again soon... in the meantime I want to show you guys this character template 24x32 that is meant to be used in games that are 320x240 resolution. I have only made the Man / Woman template, and I would like to have your input as far as the animation looks like before I start making the rest of the templates and start creating characters with it.

The Main Character animation:

Here's the Template so far:

*Removed since it served it's purpose already*

Also, please keep in mind that I cannot go more than 3 frames per direction on the characters, since Rpgmaker 2003 only allows 3 frames of animation per sprite as far as field/map charasets go like... and I want this template to be compatible with the program and also that other people can use it in any indie game. Thanks in advance.


The Main Antagonist animation (walking):

So what do you guys think so far? Let me know.

Pixel Art / 32x52 RPG character help
« on: April 28, 2011, 12:29:03 am »
Hi everyone,

I'm recently designing an RPG character template, I want to have your take on the walking animation... so far only one pose has been done, which is the 3-framed down position animation.

The finished template and the characters will then be available as a Creative Commons license, so anyone can use it for in any RPG project. We're talking about me making a huge amount of characters. Please, give me your take, as this is one of my most important work that will ultimately benefit people in the sense of having more free graphics for them to use. The shades will be 3 colors and then 1 for the outline of each part, so it will be easily editable.

Also, I can't increase the # of frames for the characters, it's only 3 so it will be compatible with programs like Rpgmaker XP and VX, and then anyone else can use it in their own engine.

Thanks in advance.

Pixel Art / Old sprites fixed
« on: January 15, 2011, 09:24:58 pm »
Something I updated in my portfolio... however, I want some critique from you guys, since you are all far ahead from my skill haha...

Point out anything you see wrong.

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