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General Discussion / Fly Guy.
« on: August 12, 2009, 08:27:27 am »
I came across this and had to share it. :)

Yes, it's pixel art.

Pixel Art / Pixelated anatomy studies + more animation
« on: June 19, 2009, 03:45:48 am »
Edit: Just wanted to say a big thank you for all the help. Have effectively started over for realizing I'd missed too many fundamentals here and studying chunks of Loomis. Battling away ingrained muscle baby syndrome and learning to draw somewhat more adult looking faces. Will return. :)

Some recent updates, new to old:

Animated meat bags there for contrast with new stick poses.

Cutting down on colours, incorporating facial features, necks and slimmer shoulders. Advice welcome on animation framework, trying to work from basics.

Will be seeing how gear looks at this scale before restructuring older side views & animations.

Regarding animation, intention was a 4 frames walk cycle, with frame 1 & 3 probably identical idle positions (such as in RPG Maker games) and smoother mid-frames & idle poses for later progress, but advice hard to get unless it has more to start with. Perspective of the world is that traditional, wonderfully skewed 3/4 view where sprites manage to look you flat in the eye while miraculously shuffling along at a 45 degree angle to the ground.

Hullo again! I've finally semi-finished something enough to upload it to PixelJoint.

I've posted this thread over on PixelJoint too. It's my first -alotofthings- in particular first attempt at clouds and metal, and something closer to anti-aliasing than I've dabbled with before.


It's meant to be a possible view from a Sperry or Ball Turret beneath a B17 or similar bomber, with enemy fighters inbound using the sun to mask their approach. I considered whether it was worth including the reflection of the gunner, but thought better of it for two reasons:

1 - Skill required to study anatomy and succeed at it within the one week challenge time frame!
2 - Given the position they took to sit in these things, I suspect any romantic sunset views might've nullified by the reflection of the gunners posterior staring back at them.

Spare a thought for the poor gunners who were shot in said position - and where giant aircraft bullets would be most likely to impact...

My reference was this photo of a plane flying into the sunset, from - ended up having to imagine how the clouds might be a fair bit.

A few things concern me. I don't know if the guns would be visible when looking through the targeting lense, for one. Any advice on how the light actually 'would' fall on cylinders at that angle would be appreciated, or how to use fewer colours - with minimal dithering, if possible. Any advice on light falling anywhere on the reticule would be appreciated actually - it's the thing that puzzles me most.

Originally I hoped to draw a bullet hole in the glass, but didn't have enough time to learn how best to do that. Any advice or links appreciated. I was hoping to imply the plane had been shot and was on its way down, so the tail might be tilted up, allowing for a better view of the sky. Also, if viewing through the glass normally (if there was a giant targeting reticule on the frame, I suppose), I don't know whether the bottom of the plane would be visible. All photos I've googled which were possibly taken from a ball turret indicate a camera with a zoom lens, or someone keen on keeping the bomber out of it. Or they weren't taken from a turret at all.  If you see the ball turret photo I linked to above (re position), the gunner is looking through a targeting lense of sorts... but I have no idea how much zoom that might have provided.

Any advice on how to make this better would be appreciated.

- Also, I'm also looking for information on indexing and how to make the most of it. I haven't found any via search yet, will hunt again.

Thanks for your time! ^_^

Pixel Art Feature Chest / GR#011 - Trees - Canopy Styles
« on: April 03, 2009, 01:32:09 pm »
Hullo, all you marvellously talented gnawable brains.

I've stalked through here and several other pixel communities the last few years, slowly - ever, ever so slowly - studying every little bit of work that I can, saving and sorting oh so many pixelations into my little research folders, desperate to learn and hopefully incapable of giving up. I long believed I couldn't ever draw, but after discovering pixel art and putting in a good deal of effort I discovered that if I give anything long enough, I can do it. Give it a million years and I might even actually do it well.

It has become increasingly clear that my progress may be so slow because I haven't sought out guidance and critiques from those in the know. Frightened of being told to abandon it altogether for having no hope, and some such nonsense. :-[

In short, I'm boggled and feeling at my wits end tonight. I would love any tips or secrets - the ones you're willing to share, anyway - on how to better draw the foliage of trees. Especially more time efficient methods. I've spent ages trying to find information on how to draw trees and have hopefully already read everything on this forum regarding it. If I may have missed something, feel free to link. Going for another search after posting this.

Below you'll see a little WIP sheet with my 'experimental study of trees in pixel form'. Or something. None of the trees are finished pieces, as I felt all of them failed on some fundamental level - I know something's wrong beyond what I mention below, but I don't know WHAT. That's why I'm here. :)

Reference material was mostly trees from this forum thread example sheet, work by HulioG (on this forum), a trunk outlined from work by Zyndicate, and one from RMXP. I'm looking to design a tree you'd see many of in a game map, so am not looking to make it too asymmetrical.

Things I think I know:

- Ignore the very early attempts on the far left and bottom right, please!

- The base of the trunks was crudely shaded simply to give me some idea of depth - I didn't think they required primary focus just yet. I figured not ALL beautiful pixelled trees have branches visible - or show very little. I did try to get the shapes and structures down though. Foliage etc has not been intentionally anti-aliased yet as I was trying to get an understanding of form and so forth before fully polishing off anything.

- Layer Tree on the top right has perspective issues, I think - I somehow made each 'layer' of leaves look exactly like that - layers. Instead of bunches of leaves in a more, uh, globular fashion.

- Leafy Tree involved creating several leaves of similar sizes and pasting them one by one to create bundles. It seemed not the most sensible method to 'learn to draw' by for the time involved, but providing I manage to shade it properly, it might look most like traditional pixel art and be a wiser path to follow? I thought as I was trying to study form, I would focus on ones I'd draw completely.

- Ball Tree was the easiest and I think may have been the best attempt. However, I don't know how to translate that into having leaves, rather than being blobs of colour. I haven't yet figured out how to paint leaves in. Also the perspective wound up too flat. I feel the far right version (before highlights) looked better. I have since been trying to google how to shade flat top mushroom shaped discs for being similar but haven't found anything... they're a bit odd, something about two main highlights before the terminator?

- Pepper Tree confused me. Until it came to the last three lighter shades, it seemed to be coming along quite well. I haven't completed the last few shades as they were simply more of the same 'create leaves clustered and scattering towards the next shade' and I realized that wasn't working.

I'm not sure if the issue is my color palette. I have tried several. I'm also partly colour blind.  :noob: I also find the lighting to be confusing to work out. It's to the top left, behind and above the trees.

Does anyone think I was on the right track with any of my attempts? Any advice on a general direction to follow would be much appreciated.

I apologize for not having written this earlier in the day when I may have been a tad more coherent and less scatterbrained. I've let trees keep me from dinner and it's now near 1am... eep.

Thanks for your time.

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