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Pixel Art / Military box RPG view and [WIP] of isometric view
« on: August 26, 2012, 03:04:54 am »
Here's a military box-like container for my RPG game. I'm pretty happy with the regular view (tried my best at axonometric perspective)

I know I already asked this in the general discussion section but I figured that my post might have been too confusing so I decided to show my problem :) I'm trying to make a version of this box that is standing at an angle. This is the general shape I came up with so far:

However it seems to be off (quite a bit). I hoped that someone could enlighten me about how to construct it with the right measurements so it seems to be the same size and perspective?

Apart from that - any C&C on the original box is welcome ^^ (thanks in advance!)

General Discussion / Pixel Art Editor Development - Help needed :)
« on: March 06, 2009, 09:53:24 am »

I'm a computer science student and I had to decide on my final project I have to make to graduate (something like engineering doctorate). I chose to develop a program used to create/edit pixel art (something like GraphicsGale for example). The thing is - I want to make it free and useful for every pixel artist (esspecially for game sprite makers).

That's the point where I could use some help  I already have some ideas about useful tools to put in there but I bet that with YOUR help I can get a neat list of requirements and suggestions that could lead to professional (It's a graduate project after all - so It'll be the same as commercial one) and FREE tool for us all

It won't be complete in a less than a year, but it's a serious project after all. Guys I need your help!  Tell me everything that you ever thought could be usefull for creating pixel art (or thinhgs that irritate you in the programs you use so I can avoid them)!

I already posted this on some other forums - I take this project quite seriously. I have some requirements (like a special isometric toolbox with isometric shapes and guides) but I'm still looking for more :) I also decided to make it in Java so it will be cross-platform (besides Java has neat Java2d library)

Also I made a developer's diary on (nothing more than introduction yet)

Thank you all for inspiration and cooperation :)

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