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Hi everyone my name John, head of the team Sword Garden Studios. We are working in our first game and we wanted to make an Illustration for promotional use in multiple media (posters, etc) and we are in a hurry for it.

Please send us your portfolios and prices to the email listed below, we have references for the illustration so the process will be faster but we need it done before the end of the week.

Sword Garden Studios:

Job offers / [CLOSED][PAID] Looking for Level Designer for puzzles
« on: May 25, 2019, 09:12:09 am »
Hi everyone, my name is John and I speak in name of Sword Garden Studios. We are a small team working on our first game and we need some assist with some puzzles.

We currently need 28 levels or puzzles and after some cosideration we have decided to get someone to work with us.

The design process is quite simple we start with a grid and having in mind the mechanics we draw the path that the player goes thourgh. is  2D game so things are easy in that regard. We will provide more information about the mechanics, how the game works and size of the grid as soon as we have someone ready to accept.

We only require the design on paper (a jpg/png will also do of course), $13/h is our limit but we are ina bit of a hurry so we also offer a plus of $25 if all puzzles are completed in 5h or less.

Here are some examples of what is required:

Send your aplication and a test based on that image, the size you want:


We are looking for an artist to create some dialogue portraits with an specific style in mind. I have character design and references to help speed up the process. Is quite urgent so as soon as we see someone with a portfolio close to what we are looking for we'll close this job offer and notify everyone that sent an application. We are willing to pay up to $15/h for a portrait this size (600x400px) and style:

Please send your portfolio to:

Job offers / [PAID] Looking for artist scene story and logo (closed)
« on: August 29, 2018, 08:42:51 am »
Hi everyone, my name is John C. Pedraza

I represent a recent formed team, Sword Garden Studios, located in Spain.

We are looking for an artist with the skill and the approach to the things we are looking for.

The first thing is 12 static scenes to tell our story (storyboard will be delivered for each scene and Discord will fill the gaps), the style is quite simple and doesn't require too much detail.

As you can see from this image from the Final Fantasy Bit Em Up Game we are going for detail in the background but we want to  not give detail to characters using shadows to keep the level of detail at minimum. We work with a pretty limited budget but we are willing to go up $30 per scene with a size of 256x144px.

The second thing we are looking for is to make 2 logos (128x128px maximum both of them). 1 for the title of our game and another for our studio. The studio logo we have right now is just a concept and it will change quite a bit. I will give more details in private to  the person that we finally choose to work with us.

We require pixel artist so even if you have experience in static scenes or logo design but you dont have any pixel art, please thank you for your interest but we will not be taking you into account when deciding with who are we going to work.

We ask for portfolios to be send at:

Note: This position is already taken, please don't send anymore applications. Thank you and good luck to everyone.

Hi everyone, my name is John C. Pedraza

I represent a recent formed team, Sword Garden Studios, located in Spain that is looking to create our first game, a rpg strongly inspired by the Dragon Warriors of the NES. The project code is simply known as DW-Project for now.

Task description and profile

We currently have a base for the tiles we are going to use to create the worldmap and what we are looking for is an artist that can work over that base and make it look better within the limitations, color palette and tile size(16x16px). Here is the image of that tileset:

The tiles have been made within Aseprite so we can give png or the original project format.

Here is our reference for the improve version:

We want something close to the pokemon right in the middle of the image.


In regards of payment, we are willing to pay 15$/h or 13/h (our curency). The payment will be done through paypal once the project is finished and delivered. The setup for the paypal request will be done within paypal with the option "pay for product/service", all we need is the email of the paypal account that we are sending the money.


Please send your portfolio and an estimate in hours that could take you complete this task.

For more question please you can talk to me by pm or at this email:

We are also offering a 200/month position for pixel artist to work not only in our current project but in our prototypes for other projects and future projects in general, of course this amount could increase depending of our budget for each project. Also paid through paypal

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