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Pixel Art / [WIP][Feedback] Forest duel with face
« on: February 04, 2018, 12:47:58 am »

For this piece, my plan is to create it so that the man is looking through a monitor like a window. The idea is that he is playing a game, but he is immersed in the other world and it is real to him. I have used two-point perspective for this piece (see here:
), but I'm not sure that using the same points would work well for the outline of the monitor. In any case, I don't know where exactly the monitor should go and how big it should be.
Additionally, I might consider adding a sort of UI on the screen to make it evident that he is playing a video game.
I'm also unsure about what to do with the white area on the right. I've thought about creating some sort of color or the interior of the room the man is in, but I don't know.
I would very much appreciate any help on any of the points I mentioned or anything that could be improved on any other part of the piece (for instance I may have used too much dithering on the platform, or maybe I didn't handle lighting well enough).
I have posted this on the Pixeljoint forum, but it didn't get any feedback. This project is somewhat time-sensitive, so I thought I'd post here too.
Thank you for your help and insight

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