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Pixel Art / Gypsy Forest...again
« on: March 03, 2013, 03:50:11 pm »
Hi guys,

For any of you that have been around a while, you may remember a long time ago that I attempted to make a forest backdrop for an RPG battle scene. The effort ended up turning into a right fiasco. I got stuck with it to the point that I gave up.

Since then, after a second attempt where the file corrupted, I've now gone for a 3rd iteration and here's what I've come up with.


I'm much happier with this effort. I'm happy enough with it as it is, but I thought I'd show it here before calling time on it as a piece of work. Now I'm looking for your verdict on whether it's good or could do with some work help to take it the next level because, once again, I've hit a brick wall.

- I've re-jigged the frog man since the original version, giving him a changed (and probably more anatomically correct) pose and a darker outline, to help make him a focus of the piece. Considering this is an RPG battle, I didn't want the character to blend seamlessly into the background. What you guys think about this compared to how the hero looks in the scene?
- Do you find the whole scene too dark and recommend I increase the contrast in the shades?
- Any other recommendations?

I'm open to design changes, palette changes etc. Perhaps not anything as drastic as a complete redesign though. :)

Help is most appreciated

Pixel Art / RPG Pieces
« on: March 12, 2011, 12:46:51 pm »
Here's a forest background I'm working on. It doesn't look too bad so far, but I'm frustrated at how convoluted and confusing it appears to be when foreground trees start to blend to the distance. An area of difficuly for me is mastering the "less is more" ability for the distant objects. My unnecessary dithering on the skyline horizon probably doesn't help here. Can you guys recommend any pieces that best show me how I should be approaching this or alternative make a few edits as I show more progress shots to see where I'm making mistakes?

Also, what are your views on the palette? Is it too dark, or not varied enough with the colours? I can't help but feel the image currently looks a little flat. I'll post regular updates.


Pixel Art / Gypsy Forest (RPG tiles)
« on: June 01, 2010, 11:51:13 pm »
Hey folks.  ;D

This must be my second ever topic on here. I usually get so stuck into my pixelly works that I don't bother to post progress shots. It's been a long time since I last properly pixelled but I just got that itch! I couldn't get the idea of a nice deep dusky blue forest out of my head recently. I wanted to make some eerie looking forest with a gypsy camp in it, so this is what I've cooked up with so far:

It's early days, I know. I'm happy that I've got the trees out of the way. They are the bane of my pixelling life. I'm hoping to make both gypsy wagons and canal boats. I want them to be colourful, but with that heavy dark blue global tinge. As always I take my main palette inspiration from my pixelling buddy Doppleganger. I do love his colour mixing. Hopefully he'll provide his usual insights here to help me along my way if there is any tweaking required. So far I'm pretty satisfied with the progress.

One question that arises is how do you guys think I should best tackle the grass tile? I did make a start on it in the first image, but I'm not so sure it'll work (the very faint grass above the long grass). I'm tempted to go with flat colour like in Zelda. I also think that the trees and gypsy look so much stronger over that temporary blue background in the first image. Does anybody else agree with that? If so, how do you think I should approach the grass colour.

Thanks guys  :crazy:

Pixel Art / Steam Punk Pieces
« on: February 13, 2009, 05:12:53 pm »
Hey folks, I'm new here and I'm looking to learn from the best. The best are here and so I'm here. Hello all.  ;D

I've been doing a bit of pixelling reasonably recently and here's what I've come up with:

These ones above are finished pieces. I've been into steampunk lately so I fancied doing some weird and wonderful creations for them. For the middle gang member, I was originally wanting to make it so that it looked like he was swinging the chain like a lassoo in a casual but ultimately threatening manner. I cannot think how to approach pixelling a spinning motion though without actually animating it. With the very few ideas I had, I found it too hard to make it clear over his white shirt. Does anyone have any sharp advice for me on that?

This one is obviously a work in progress. I wanted to go bigger and grander than my usual pieces, but getting the shading looking great, but still consistent is starting to cause me agro. I feel I need more shaded detail on this piece because it's so much larger.

Generally I think there are two big problems with my work. Firstly I don't really use a mixture of colours enough so a lot of my stuff looks pretty lifeless. On the most popular and successful pixel pieces, they always blend in greens, blues and whatever else together to make brilliant results. This is something I rarely try, but something I'd definitely like to get my head around. The other big problem of mine is that I'm badly stuck in a comfort zone that I'm struggling to break out of. My sprites are always in the same poses, with the same expressions and always the same proportions/styles. There is no invention or creativity in my work, which is something else I'm trying to break out into.

Comments and critique are very much appreciated, fella's.



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