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Pixel Art / Critic on a cowboy sprite.
« on: April 30, 2010, 10:43:14 am »

Hello... I would love to have advise on how to improve this guy. Pose, items, pallete... I would appreciate everything, since he might be an important character ina project I have in mind.

Thanks in advance!


Hello mates... :) I think this is my first post here asking for help, so, be gentle...  ;D

This started as a timekiller, I wanted to do the Dome of the Rock, as small as I could and in Iso, and it turned to be something that kept me entertained for 3 or 4 days. I' d like to do a game like Civilization 2 or Panzer General but in the Middle Ages.

I think I have enough to show something, but not enough to redo it completelly if I goofed somewhere. Tiles are on the low right side, and the grid shows a test of how the tiles would look in, let' s say, the Iberican Peninsula...  ;)

PS: Oh... Could somebody please post a link to a tutorial for banding redoucing? I' ve been browsing here for knowning exactly what it tecnically is (The red dragon post helped a bit...), and I think I *know* what it is, but I as I don' t understant the stuff completelly, and, if I don' t understand, I could remember the theory like parrots, but I would goofe it again the following week...  :'(

PSS: Oh, oh... I forgot... I started this after being amazed for the "Kings: The game" thread... So, this is a homage to the author of that thread and the guys who made edits to the original work... You have the credits you deserve, guys.  :)

Hello! I am Nacho Ayala, a 29 year-old "artist" from Benidorm, Spain. Excuse my English, it's far from perfect.

I have been in the AGS forums for years... I firstly joined for the critics lounge subforums, but, while I still love AGS, critics lounge is not longer "good" enough for me.

I have been thinking in joining PixelJoint for years, but I was not really convinced of the environment over there... But then I found Pixelation.

Meeting Ptoing and Helm in person also helped buuuuuut... I am not sure if I should mix my name with those two, they are still lightyears away from me  :'( Anyway, I am quite sure that joining here will give my art a boost for attempting an approximation  :lol:

So... Here it is: My art so far. I don't dare to post it in the pixel art forums since most of it is not really pixelart, and they are finished/abandoned projects that doesn't really need more crits.

The beginning... Basically painting over scanned pencil art and resizing to 50% for getting AA. I had no idea of what "pixel art" was.

First attempt at "pixelart". I was aiming for "pixel art looking", but I had no idea of what limited palletes were. I think I even used the bluring tool...  :-[

Other attempts to do pixel art... I was realising that limited palletes were a help, and not a restriction... I was using too many colours still...

Another step into, IMHO, the right direction... I was copying Big Brother' s (Ian Schlaepfer) style... Some days after I learned that "16" is a very acceptable amount of colours for a sprite.

Some random sprite in 16 colours, finally!!! (traced over a redouced Guybrush Threepwood in MI3)

What I consider my "first" pixel art... It won a contest!  ;D

Sprites for Amulet of Kings... Yes, it' s Jamie Hyneman.

A set of sprites for a game I wanted to make... I am very happy of the result BUT... In the two last images there are some problems still... I am copying palletes from old games or pixel art images I liked (This last pallete was taken from a piece from Buloght... It can be seen here: Choosing colours is still a problem.

A "Flashback cutscene" style attempt... I tried to chose the colours alone and here you have the result... A big eye-ache.

Unfinished mockup for a game I planned to do. I copied the palletes from "The Dig", basically...  :-X

Some attempt of getting the FoA style... It was going fairly well, but then I discovered Misja Van Laatum's techniques (which basically are "Use zillion colours if you need them") and went a bit mad about the colour restriction... Not a bad BG, but a step in the opposite direction of the Pixel art Holy Grail.

Scofield in Sprite Art... Pink flesh, courtesy of Lucasart' s early 90ies pallete...

Baxter... Bloop pattern analyst by day, serial killer by night. I copied the pallete for the flesh pallete from Monkey Island again, I think, but I was not happy about it and altered it... I was getting annoyed of pink characters. I started to realised that I liked too much marking the muscles (or boobies, in female characters) with dark outlines...

Experimenting styles... Now "Full throttle". Again, I used the pallete used in the game and (:-[) traced over Maureen.

My latest work... I understand the principles of pallete limitation and I "think" I am not bad at lineart, but still a lot of work to do for improving my election of values for colours, banding redoucing, less "outlining" tendency, etc...

And... my latest project: I can' t reveal or show much, but here it is:

So, thanks for the warm welcome (given "in person") to the forums. I feel very happy for being here  :lol: I will try to learn as much as possible and help when I can.


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