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Unpaid Work / Beat them up on SEGA Genesis
« on: January 08, 2019, 08:37:45 pm »
Hello, as part of the development of a new game on SEGA Genesis, I am actively looking for a graphic designer to participate in the project.

What game is it? To be honest, it's a bit like the Mighty Final Fight on NES, at least in mind, because the fighters have a casual and cool look.

We currently have some sprites, including the main fighter and a boss. For now, I use the graphics resources of Mighty Final Fight to develop the game engine. Although still very rudimentary and in the experimental phase, I propose to watch the video of this program broadcast on SEGA Genesis.

For this game, I want to integrate a "mature" universe in the spirit of action movies of the 80s / 90s while bringing a touch of humor.

This is primarily an amateur project, so the work done to realize GFX resources can not be paid off immediately. In the end, once the game is over, the people who participated in its design will naturally receive a share of the profits. We can also plan a fundraising campaign.

So, if the project interests you and you are motivated to join the current team, do not hesitate to contact me. We are looking for at least two graphic designers to ease the work and share their ideas.

Even if you do not have a great experience or if you have never worked on SEGA Genesis, there is no problem. We will be happy to teach you how to work on this wonderful machine.

You can contact me directly on Twitter, by Email or private message;)

Devlogs & Projects / IRENA - The Mega SEGA Genesis Shooter
« on: November 27, 2018, 07:48:51 pm »
Hello, it's been a few months that I work on the realization of a shoot them up for the Mega Drive / SEGA Genesis and I think it would be a good thing that I introduce you a little project.

It is therefore a classic shoot 'em up exclusively developed for the Mega Drive / SEGA Genesis. Initially, it was just a small prototype, because I would like to learn to program on this console that I like so much. To be honest, I'm a big fan of the Mega Drive and it's a real pleasure to develop on it. In the meantime, I posted an ad on this forum to find someone who could do some gfx, it's about OHKO doing a great job. Given the quality of gfx, I wanted to create a real game for the Mega Drive rather than a simple technical demo. The music is made by kaot, a French artist who has a lot of talent.

The game is called IRENA, a reference to my girl's first name and it should be 7 to 8 levels with gameplay featuring some game ideas such as Thunder Force III, Aero Blaster and Robo Aleste. The game is developed in C with SGDK.

The Storyline
In a distant world, an intergalactic ship carrying settlers to the planet Laderia II is suddenly trapped by a powerful magnetic field from the exoplanet Xellia, which until now was unknown. On board a small stealth fighter, the Rayden MG323, Major Celina Pelinsky is sent on a mission to detect and destroy the source of this magnetic field while an energetic shield temporarily shields the mothership from external attack. Celina will have to use all her skills as a seasoned pilot to make her way to this hostile planet where she will have to fight against the terrible army of Emperor Zerox, a maleficent being with mysterious powers.

  • A new exclusive SEGA Genesis game
  • Gameplay inspired by the popular 16-bit generation
  • Five different types of weapons
  • Eight levels to discover
  • Two different purposes
  • Catchy musics
  • Designed with SGDK


Video prototype
Here is a short video of the prototype :

An official website is available at this address. It gathers several information around the project.

Please, if you like the project or if you have suggestions / ideas, do not hesitate to write something here.

Unpaid Work / Need graphic artist for a little shoot them up on Mega Drive
« on: December 30, 2017, 05:59:02 pm »
Hi, I'm kentosama and I plan to create a 2D shoot them up on Mega Drive. Currently I work on a prototype by reusing the graphics resources of Arrow Flash game also published on Mega Drive.

Unfortunately, I do not have the skills to make my own sets and sprites. That's why I'm looking for an artist interested to work on a little shoot them up.

As a reminder, the Mega Drive has a resolution of 320x244 and displays a maximum of 64 colors (4 palettes of 16 colors).

To carry out the project, I need an artist who can realize the different sets and sprites of the game.

Here is a small demonstration of my current prototype:

I'm not trying to make a big game, just a nice little shoot 'em up on Mega Drive.

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