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Job offers / (PAID) Dog Demon Hunter Illustration
« on: November 27, 2017, 05:03:37 pm »
- Fixed Price Only

- Paypal Only

- Payment will be released once the illustration is delivered

- Artist needs to be flexible with changes

- Full body, full color, NO background

- Drawing style similar to this

- This is the pose reference

Demon_Hunter_Action_Pose" border="0

- He's holding his hat with his left hand while he's aiming his gun with the right hand

- He's in mid air

- The dog race I want you to base the design on is "German Shepard"

- He's a good guy, but he really enjoys shooting demons, he has a grin on his face while looking in the same direction as the gun

- He's thin, athletic

- Please send me your pricing info via PM

Best regards

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