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Pixel Art / Kagari Atsuko - Little Witch Academia
« on: September 22, 2017, 10:16:04 pm »
Hey guys, another one of those I've been doing.

I really liked Little Witch Academia, lately I haven't enjoyed anime much in those last years. But this one was pretty nice.

I've tried to give more movement to this one.
Also, I tried really hard to give more volume to it.

Things I like about it:
-Her Hand and her left foot.
-The pose, I used every rule I know to try to keep it alive.
-I also like her expression, seems like a scene that could happen in the animation.

Things I dislike about it:
-I am not sure I should highlight her clothes.(It is not really that shiny)
-Her hair is kind of bland.
-The color as always. No clue about choosing colors. Just Hue shifted them based on the ref.(Except the reds on her clothing, I like those)

Well, as always if you guys find some way I can fix it give me a shout.

Pixel Art / Miriam - Bloodstained / SotN Scale
« on: September 21, 2017, 03:36:53 am »
Hello everyone.

As probably almost everyone here I love Castlevania SotN and I've been wanting to experiment with the game's pixel character scale for quite some time.
So, I took Bloodstained main character and tried to remake her in pixelart.

Well this time I've used a lot less pixels than I am used to and i got really lost. Seems like many rules fall apart when the scale diminishes.

Anyway here's what I've tried to do:
-This is around 45px tall and I had to push pixels around a lot to try to give it depth
-I did not use AA on anything since SotN sprites seemed to have none.
-Went a little lighter on the dark tones.

It has been a good training but I wanted to push it further.

Anyone know some good tips when working on smaller scales?
Here's Miriam:

And here's my reference frame of Alucard:

Pixel Art / Alis Landale - Phantasy Star
« on: September 14, 2017, 11:21:51 pm »
Hello everyone.

This is another of those game character that I am making in pixelart.

This is Alis from Phantasy Star, one of the first games i played as a kid.

This time I've tried some things more, here they are:
-Tried to keep the palette, character structure and size consistent with the other fanarts i've made.
-Kept AA in soft surfaces like clothing.
-Made this one with more metals to practice and find problems.

Things I am not liking about it:
-Had to cheat to separate bracelets from armor and left foot from right foot.
-Sword has an inconsistent pixel growth ratio but when I fix it looks strange.
-The boots, something seems off. Maybe I've used too many colors to try to force volume.

I've been having some trouble choosing colors for this one too but I'll keep trying.

As always, any advice will be greatly welcome.

Pixel Art / Virginia Maxwell - Wild Arms 3
« on: September 12, 2017, 02:26:30 pm »
Hello everyone.

I've received some really good tips on my last image and tried to apply them on another fanart.

Things i've tried here:
-Sel out following more the logic of the light source.
-Rely Less on AA to transition between tones.(Tried to keep it on softer materials)
-Bigger and bolder clusters.
-Avoidind side lights whenever i could, pushing the lights to the middle of the forms.
-Keeping highlights only on reflective materials.
-More saturated colors, mostly on the shadows.
-Tried to make the image appear to have more depth.

Things I dislike about it:
-Could not give the gun proper detail
-The hair pixels on the front feel more like noise than detail.
-Had to sacrifice some of the character's design features that I could not make work like the gunholster.

As always, any tips and reads that you might suggest are very, very welcome.

Pixel Art / Futaba - Persona 5
« on: September 09, 2017, 04:09:44 pm »
Hey guys, i've been messing around trying to do some things i don't usually do.

I've made a fanart of Futaba, a Persona 5 Character.

Things I am trying here:
-Trying to reach black on most tones and make it have a comic book like style.
-I've tried to use a bit of AA(I am not used to it so any tips would be nice)
-Tried to suggest where materials change when going to black(like in the T-shirt/Skirt transition and jacket/hair)
-The usual trying to figure colors out(Do you guys have any book/links recomendations on the subject?)
-Tried to use AA to avoid banding

I've put a ruler behind to measure pixel height for scale.

Pixel Art / Gunnm - Gally and Zapan Scene
« on: September 04, 2017, 02:47:48 pm »
This is my first pixel art post here.

Hello guys, if you can give me some feedback on how to make better pixelart.
I have a specially hard time choosing colors, so i've colorpicked some from the character from the anime and altered them a bit to fit the image.

Since this is a common problem even on my non pixelart artwork it's been haunting me for quite some time.
I've been struggling with colors for years, and still can't understand them.

I've animated it just a bit to make a scene and tell a bit of the story.
The scene is from the manga Gunnm. My favorite manga ever.

Things i would make different looking at it now:
-I made some noise in the wall behind her using noise, it would be way better if i did it by hand.
-The outline in the front of the coat bugs me.

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