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I want to make a Overworld Map

something like this:

and because Tilesets:

Because I dont have Photoshop in the Moment
(get it from the Schoolin couple of weeks i think)
and want to make it with or
an other (free) program I dont know how I start
with making a World Map.

This is a good Idea too here:

But can you call this Pixel Art when its only done with a *Brush*?
So hope you can help me, im a reeeallly beginner in Pixel Art so dont have
much Experience. I dont have any Ideas I could make Pixel Art with XD >.<

Pixel Art / How does my 2 Pixel Art Animations look?
« on: August 29, 2017, 07:30:02 pm »
hi There Guys,

I want to show you 2 of my Pixel Art Animations.
Im really at the beginning so you canīt be much impressed,
but I thank you for some Critics, although there is not much to critic XD

I hope Im allowed to post 2 in a row, couldnt find a Rule that is against it.

Here is Number 1

I got some Ideas from a Friend what I could add to the Blob, and this was the Result ^^ .

And Number 2

Im sorry for the still existing Lines at the Edges but there are too much frames for me to undo them ^.^ .

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