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Pixel Art / [wip] ittybitty topdown spear attack
« on: July 15, 2008, 04:27:10 pm »
howdy :)

so my brother and i are working on this giant centipede hunting arcade game. he's coding it and im doing design/art. it's our first project so i wanted to start with a simple graphic style. like really simple. im not really looking for critique on the overall style (though i wont mind it at all) rather the little guy's spear attack animation. ive gone through a couple stages and i think its improving, but theres more fine tuning that can be done. what do you think  ???

initial -> -> final and here's a walking for reference


and here's a sketch of him which should make the sprite make more sense.

and i'll throw in a dirty mockup for additional reference and shameless self promotion  :-*

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