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General Discussion / Invitation to game development Discord group chat
« on: August 20, 2016, 03:27:05 pm »
Small indie dev Tigris Games is hosting a gamedev group chat on Skype.

So far, we have 235+ members and growing each month. But we're migrating to Discord due to 300 member limit!

We have programmers, artists, 3D modelers, voice actors and CEO's of indie companies hanging out and some lurking.

Lately, we've been thinking about inviting more pixel artists.

Our primary chat is now hosted by Discord at

The following link opens in-cloud / Skype client: | (old link, same place)

Use Skype to get to know primary members of the group, or Discord to a more general place where everyone hangs out.

We also have member list in our public, editable Google+ document:
Meet others here:

Who is this for?

* post screenshots of your pixel art or animations
* promote your art to game developers
* meet other game developers for networking
* WIP screenshots on your current projects
* Steam Green Light and KickStarter projects are welcome
* promoting your Twitch channel, game demos  or published work.
* Hosted and moderated 24/7
* all experience levels are welcome

We're all just a bunch of friendly game devs, and quite a few regulars who like to share our gamedev work and encourage each other to make games

Who is this for? Most of us are pretty much indies who are into following aspects of game dev:

* C#, C++
* Unity and UE game development
* 3D modeling (blender, maya, zbrućsh)
* opengl/c++ programmers
* voice acting (actors and actresses)
* show us your Green Light game, and we'll think about yes-voting it.
* primarily, it's about game development, promoting and sharing your work, and experience.

What to expect?

* indiedev banter
* inspire gamedevs by showing your work or be inspired by others
* share your current creation, art, screenshots
* meet other dedicated indies, we're all here literally making games 24/7
* share your green light game
* exchange marketing experience

We hope to see you there!

I wanted to make a brief announcement about something that can potentially help game developers and artists.

This link will open our cloud-hosted gamedev Skype group chat:

Traditionally there have been really good pixel artist, and good programmers. Magical things could happen when the two meet.

A game developer's hang out has been started about 3 months ago, and we have 110 members and growing every week.

Mostly it is indies, game programmers and artists.

When game developers with diverse skill sets meet, programmers and pixel artists join, we might have some matching teams for exciting projects.

I've been active on Pixelation in the long past, and when some of the artists posted their work in our group, I think of the talented pixel artists and animators on this forum when I see game programmers try tinkering with art on their own.

Pixel Art / 2 Pixel Pieces
« on: June 30, 2008, 02:58:43 am »
Hello everyone. I have used this forum before, when the forum design was different. I haven't contributed much, but I take time to complete my work.

How I did these two things today... I decided I needed a "link" image for my website, so i figured I wanted to create an original chained link pic to make sure it doesn't look like other sites.

One link let to the other... I've also been watching Syndicate Wars youtube videos and decided to create my own futuristic city. Other than that I had 0% reference for either, all came out of my head.

Hope you like these things.

The infamous Rib Cage Ripper

In the near future...

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