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Portfolios / Dovydas - Indie Pixel Artist
« on: July 07, 2017, 09:36:34 pm »

Some things about me:

I am a 13 year old from Lithuania. I have about 3 years of experience in drawing pixel art. I have been in few Game-Making contests as an artist and once in a GameJam. Right now I don't have good examples of my art just because I improved a lot from then.

Things I am Good at:

Environments (Blocks, backgrounds, decoration)
Platformer - Type of games

Things I am normal at:

Character design
RPG type of games
Vector Graphics

Things I Hate but I can do:

Walking cycles

Programs I Use:

Photoshop (RARELY)

Some of the artwork:

Cyberpunk City:

Some New style testing and Pixel Dailies:

2d Platformer Environment Pack:

(I had to put watermarks since it's on sale)

If you want to check it out on (It's 5$):


Pixel UI Asset Pack:

If you want to check it out on (It's 5$):


If you want to see other Pixel art Artworks, Check out my website:

(I designed it fully myself)

Pricing would be small since I have a small goal. (~10 a day (about 4-6H))

If you want to contact me:



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Bye! ;D

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