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Job offers / [PAID] Pixel artist needed for 32x32px game icon
« on: August 16, 2020, 09:06:12 pm »
We are no longer looking for applicants for this positions. Thank you.

We are an indie game development studio called Yfrit, and we are currently in need of a pixel artist to turn one of our 2D sprites into a 32x32px icon. The main requirement is to maintain as much of the original composition of the sprite in the icon. The icon will be used in our upcoming game, Primateria, a roguelike, deckbuilder card game.

Here's the original sprite:

It would be nice if, instead of the number 1 inside the stone, the letter P in the following style was inserted:

This is not a strong requirement as we understand it can be tricky to convey that much information in such a tiny image. If it's not possible, we're good with the original "1".


  • Portfolio.
  • Fluent English or Portuguese.
  • This is unfortunately a very short notice necessity, so we need the icon before August 21st.
  • Based in our budged (see below), how much you would charge for this job.


Our budget can fit something along the lines of $30/hour, we are open to negotiation.


A 32x32px transparent PNG.


Please send a message containing all requirements to We will not be checking this thread nor PMs for applications, please send yours to the email.

No more applications needed for now!



My name is Matheus, I am a brazilian game developer starting my own company this year (Yfrit Games). At the moment, I'm working with a close friend on a project called Dual Snake.

About the Game

The project is well advanced in terms of programming and sound design, and is a puzzle game heavily inspired by Portal, some clever puzzle games like The I of It (, and, of course, the classic Snake (yes, the Nokia one). The game is currently being developed for PC, but will most likely be ported to Android.

Since the game heavily relies on its different gameplay, I cannot reveal a lot on how it works, which I know makes it a little hard to define this offer, but is also critical on the point that the heart of this project is creativity, which is exactly what we are looking for on the artist.

About the Offer

We are a starting company with a project that is simple in most aspects, it's minimalistic in terms of sound, music and even gameplay, but intriguing and creative. The whole project is currently composed of around 7 sprites and a background. We are currently planning to finish the whole game by December 15th, dividing the artwork in phases of 2 sprites. As a starting company, we were hoping to pay something on the lines of 20 USD/hour, but we can discuss fees. 

Now, in terms of Style, as I mentioned, we're looking for someone who's able to work with a simple style that matches the nature of the game, simple and creative. We were thinking of something on the lines of Momodora 1 and Cave Story+:

Momodora 1

Cave Story+

Final Words
I know there's not a lot to work with, but if your art style and honoraries match our offer, we can talk in private and more details will be given.

Contact Information
You can contact me via email at, or you can add me on skype with the same address.

Please post your portfolio if you're interested! Thanks for the attention!

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