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Job offers / [PAID] Seeking Pixel Artist for Human Characters
« on: June 14, 2017, 05:28:37 pm »

I am EckyYakov. Founder of Knightmare Games, Limited.

I am looking for a pixel artist for a super quick project.
I am using GMS2, and have integrated the twitch API to gather chat information. We freestyle rap on Friday Nights, and I want to make a game that can take the commands from the chat to add or subtract points from the person rapping. I know this is a very brief overview but that should cover it.

The art I NEED are some pixel characters of each of the members on my stream and idle animations for each one. I have video of all of us, and could provide photos if needed as well.

Art I WANT, if you also want to make some extra money or are interested:
Animations for getting Cheers (gain points) and Jeers (lose points)
Celebratory winning animations
Pixel UI including a scoreboard, a chat stats screen, rap topic, etc.
Anything else you think would be awesome.

I am looking to pay someone based on experience but between 10$-20$ an hour. Can negotiate.

Please reply here, PM me, or email if interested.
I want to have something simple done by this Friday, June 16th, if possible!

Could be great exposure to have your art on my stream (around 600 followers).
Thanks for the time and consideration,

Discord: EckyYakov#7956


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