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Portfolios / [PORTFOLIO] Cecihoney/Clest
« on: May 15, 2008, 02:12:32 pm »
Hi, I am a spriter and general 2D artist looking for paid work.
Real Name: Cecilia Souza Santos
Known as: Cecihoney - Clest/Cecile/Ceci/Cecilia
Location: So Paulo - Brasil
About: I can draw or sprite anything with a reference and many things without reference even, however my speciality lies in machinery, futuristic objects, vehicles, robots and buildings. I can animate and also work on large sprites. Aside from that I can also draw and color artwork and edit/recolor images in general.

CONTACT: E mail if you want a fast and sure reply:
Seriously I dont always check here but check  I do check my e mail at least once a day :3

Relevant already released projects Ive worked on for clients:

>Cover for the Online TRASGO Magazine -

>Ships, mechs, animations and other art for the game The Sentient on Steam:

>GOLDFISH WE COME TOGETHER  - Music video, made some backgrounds - link:

>Animations, characters, enemies and equipment for Evil Hazard on Steam:

>A lot of animations and characters for Saturday Morning RPG on Steam:

>Rogue Runner - Endless running game for I phone - Ive made basically all the graphics (Menus, vehicles, characters, backgrounds, platforms, you name it) - link:

>Logo for Indie Game Reviews website - link:

>Animated gifs for the site Wholecelium - Link:

>Shop graphics, objects and characters for Swords & Potions from Edgebee

>All Graphics for game Take care of the Trees:

Some samples of my work:

Cecile Corbel homage:

Art for the cover on the online magazine Trasgo:

Animation for the GBA collab tribute - SRX combination sequence:

Art I made for the Chrono Trigger collab BR -^.^-

Pearl from Legend of Mana for an art collab project - bg is not pixelart but the character is :)

Gunslinger for the Ragnarok Online collab:

Art for Star Wars collab:

Made for a weekly art challenge:

Made for a weekly art challenge:

Portraits for a collab:

Me in doll version:

Autobot Starlight (made for myself):

City map for Combats Commander:

Race portraits for PC game project Beyond Beyaan:

Backgrounds for Rogue Runner:

Winner of RMN pixelart contest:

Some animations for Celesteel:

Optimus Prime G1 transforming:

IDW Optimus transforming:

Starlight transforming:

Strike Gundam chibi:

Ship tileset inner and characters:

Tileset City outer:

Ramdom characters:

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