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Pixel Art / [WIP] Hero
« on: February 08, 2012, 02:40:47 am »
Hello Pixelation !

I've been trying to make a sprite for the main character of a little game project, Cerberus, which takes place in a dark labyrinth inspired by Ancient Greece and Rome. I'd like not to go too far on the SD side (the game is supposed to be quite grim) and to keep him recognizable. I don't know where I am or where I should aim anymore, so I'd like some help ;D

These are the concept art for the character :


And this is where I am at the moment :

Thank you in advance !

Pixel Art / [WIP] Mystic Room
« on: June 29, 2011, 11:37:25 pm »
Hello !

I am currently working on a RPG project called Lije. I'm working on the elements for a sort of magic room : the player is not supposed to see anything but small islands and sinking objects (the hero and those objects will have reflections on the floor, as if it was some sort of "water floor"). I made a little concept art to give an idea of the mood I'm looking for. I am having much difficulty with the rendering of leaves at the moment and I'm looking for advice :)

C&C much appreciated ! :)

Pixel Art / [WIP] Forest
« on: February 20, 2010, 02:04:11 am »
I am currently working on a small project on RPG Maker : I would like to create a city in the trees and I have begun to work on a panorama. I am not very sure of what I am doing and I'd like some advice before going further. For now, I have used 18 colors.

Thanks in advance for c&c :)

Pixel Art / [WIP] Inn
« on: November 02, 2008, 11:46:30 pm »

I have recently been working on this inn tileset and I would like to have some comments and critics in order to improve it, especially about the color of the ground (which creates me some problems). I'm quite new to pixel art and edits are welcome. Here the tileset and a mockup :

Thank you in advance  :)

Pixel Art / Guardian
« on: April 15, 2008, 01:41:48 pm »
Hi everyone  :)
I'm new on this forum and my name is Beelketh.

I'm looking for advice for this sprite, since I can't see how to improve it :

I used this drawing of mine as reference : there and Fil_Razorback was cool enough to correct the mask and belt for me.

Thank you very much :)

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