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Job offers / [PAID] Help Wanted - Tales of Onmyo
« on: April 11, 2021, 01:22:44 pm »
As a brief overview, the project that I am currently working on is on a small hobbyist project known as the Tales of Onmyo. This game is set in the fictional world of Onmyo, a planet filled to brim with wonder, mystery, and adventure. The world borrows heavily from the Eastern world, namely from Japanese culture/properties, as well as Chinese.

The biggest inspiration for this undertaking would be anime series such as; Naruto, DBZ, Rurouni Kenshin, and so forth. As such, for man of the roles, it is best to have familiarity with eastern art, culture, and the drawing styles of anime artists.

Enough of the introduction. I'll list the roles needed below.

Pixel Artist - Animator
I need someone that can do extremely fluid (high amount of frame) animations for my character base sprites. The artist should also be capable of animation sub-pixel movement as well.

For the most part, the primary animations are battle-orientated. Particularly as it pertains to hand-to-hand combat, or other close-quartered actions. You may view the character  sprite and some animations here:

As the title would suggest, I also need someone that can design different spells and effects for my project. Unlike the character base, these VFX would not pixel art-based. I envision them as being detailed 2D art that is cohesive with the pixel-art base sprites. For examples, you may view the links below:

The part you all care about! Pay is up for negotiation. I don't plan on having massive orders, but I do fully intend to pay exactly what you feel your time is worth. With that being said, please let me know how much you want to be paid and we can work from there. :)

I will list my contact in order from most preferred to least:

Discord: Atomix#5057

Job offers / Concept/Special Effects Artist needed
« on: August 31, 2019, 09:48:47 am »
Job Description
Special/Visual Effects
Basically looking for an artist that has experience in making high resolution, detailed special effects that can exist in a pixel art-medium. Meaning, explosive fireballs, or level-up sequences that don't look out of place when used with pixel art. Note that for the animations, I intend to use as many frames as possible to ensure that the special effects are seamless and clean. I'll list some examples below.

Character Art Reference
Below will contain references for the character art.

Concept Artist
Looking for a concept artist that can draft up designs for an assortment of different monsters, hair types, map layouts, and clothing. The sketchings should be detailed enough to allow for the designs to be properly translated into Pixel/2D art design. Keep in mind that the designs are made with anime/shonen, and fantasy themes being the primary source of inspiration. If you're comfortable with these genres, do let me know.

Discord: Atomix#5057

Currently on the search for talented Pixel and Digital Artists to help create various assets for my project. Each particular subset may require a different crop of skills, so do make sure to read closely.

For this particular set of sprites - I've been building off of pre-made tilesets. Purchased from Pixanna, an artist from RPGMaker. Notably, this is NOT pixel art, but digital art. Meaning its essentially just detailed, cartoon-styled made in a manner that sometimes appear adjacent to pixel art.

To make tilesets, you'd have to be familiar with copying the coloring palette of the original Tiles, and also using them to shade in the same manner that Pixanna has. In addition to adding onto the pre-existing tiles, I'll also be looking to expand and create different regions. Your goal will be to make assets that are cohesive with the former.

These primarily revolve around the presentation of magical abilities - like attacking spells, defenses - as well as game effects, such as a prompt that spawns when a character levels up. No VFX have yet to be completed for the project, and as such, you'd be task with drafting up the style and making it look cohesive with the character art as well. The VFX in the game should be pixel art, but highly detailed and spruced up with Adobe to give it a glowing effect more often than not. While there are not effects yet done, I'll list an imgur that showcases the type of look I'm generally going for.

Characters Designs

Last but not least comes character designs. This category involves creating different character bases that are applicable either for players [in that they are the main character sprites and highly customizable] or for NPCs - the latter of which is usually in the form of Enemies or Merchants. In addition to designing characters, I'd also look to have a multitude of different hairstyles and clothing created - in addition to animations for all of the above.

As the image below will detail, character designs are strictly based on pixel art.


Rate of pay is up for negotiation. Starting price is $20 per hour.

Discord: Atomix#5057

Job offers / New Tileset Artist Wanted [Paid]
« on: July 08, 2018, 09:28:11 pm »

To put it flank, I'm looking for an artist that specializes in the creation of tile sets. That being. . . asset pieces that are set along the map to add beauty and immersion. The goal for the game is to be launched utilizing the RPGmaker Engine - and thus, the bulk of the assets are from RPGmaker. Primarily the Ancient Dungeon Tileset by Celianna.

To be able to adequately perform the job, you should be well-versed with the art style and sprite sheet format of Rpgmaker/Ancient Dungeon. Screenshots will be offered below.

Screen Shots


I can pay around 13 - 15$ an hour. Maybe more if your work is really good. I'm open to negotiation.


Discord: Atomix#5057

Job offers / [Paid] Tileset Artist Needed
« on: May 21, 2018, 01:28:44 am »
Hey, folks. As the title suggests, i'm looking for an artist that can aid in the creation of  Environmental Assets for my project.


The project makes use of the RPGmaker engine/Art Sheets. In particular, I'm making extensive usage of the Ancient Dungeon tileset - made by Celianna (or Pixanna to some). In essence, what I need is someone that can make assets for different regions that are high-quality, but also cohesive (IE it needs to MATCH the asset sheets). You'll be purchased and given your own copy of the Ancient Dungeon tileset to work off of if hired.

The job is that simple.

Picture References

I can offer up to 20$ per hour in pay. Albeit, I much prefer to do things in lump sum.

Discord: Atomix#5057

Job offers / VFX Artist Needed
« on: March 27, 2018, 07:31:58 am »
Hi, all. I'm back again, this time in hot pursuit of someone that can possibly help me design Special Effects for my game!


The requirement is simple - you just need to be well versed in crafting Visual Effects. What this means is that you should be able to use programs like Adobe or Photoshop in order to make high quality, energy-like digital art - IE, being perfectly anti-aliased and making clever/efficient use of alpha levels to make each corner of potential attacks as seamless and clear as possible!

The difficult part is simply making it so that these effects/animations are cohesive with my game's pixel art, character sprites. In any case, below I'll list references to some effects that I'd probably want to have made - all of which are based on popular anime. If you're interested, seek out my contact below.

Picture References

Fire Ball

Ash Explosion


My means of contact from most likely to get me to least!

Discord: Atomix#5057

Job Description
The assignment is simple. All I'm looking for at the moment is a talented pixel artist who can subsequently build off my character sprites by designing a plethora of different clothing/hair pieces - all of which are meant to add beauty to the vanilla sprite. As a note - this is merely for DESIGN! IE - you'll only be making the accessories for idle states. This comes to a total of 3 unique directions for two character models. I don't need it animated, as I have another guy who handles animations personally.

Preview Sprites

Payment is negotiable - but all transactions will be settled over Paypal. If you want to do business with me, you'll need to have an account made, or already be in possession of one.

Job offers / [Paid] Pixel/VFX Artist Wanted
« on: November 23, 2017, 12:09:14 am »
Hello, all. Not sure if anyone remember me, but I'm back again to hopefully locate a few more artists to help bring my vision to life. The objective for today is simple - I'm seeking a skilled Pixel Artist along with a skilled Visual Effect Artist. The needs will be listed as below.

Sprite Animations

In laymen terms, I'm looking to expand my Character Sprite(s) animations. So far, I have two different sprites - male and female. Each with walking, swimming, cooking, and mining animations set. What I'm looking to add are a few attacking animations [I.E. Sword Strikes, Punching, Casting Spells], and a few other animations that needn't be mentioned.

For this objective, all you'll need to be able to do is mimic the pixel art style that all of my character/NPC sprites currently use. And of course, you'll need to be able to adequately present the illusion of motion, or animation.

For the most part, I plan for each animation to be at least 3 frames [per direction], although we can go for a higher quantity if need be.

Sprite Overlays

I'm also looking for someone that can design clothing and/or accessories to beautify the default character base. The animations are already set, so that'd eliminate a large majority of your workload, given that you'd simply have to draw the outfit over Character Base.

My needs may also include weaponry.

Image Reference:

Visual Effects

Finally, I need a competent visual effect artist. I think for my project, mystical or spiritual attacks - like a basic Fireball spell - would look splendid if they were drawn up using other digital art techniques. What I mean by this is that they shouldn't be pixelated, or be 'pixel art' in the traditional sense. Moreover, the special effects should be drafted using digital art techniques to ensure that there the edges are anti-aliased, making the sprite look smooth/detailed.

From most preferred to least.


All payment will be via Paypal. The amount will preferably be commission based, as opposed to per hour. Rate will be negotiable.

Job offers / [PAID] Seeking Sprite Editor
« on: September 18, 2017, 02:34:06 am »
Hey, folks, currently on the look out for a talented artist who can lend a helping hand in my project.

Skills Needed
  • Proficiency in digital painting, pixel art.
  • Ability to use photoshop, gimp, or other related programs.
  • Ability to match another's artist style.

Looking to have someone do a small job me - to edit a tile set. The tile set is a grass patch, which allows me to create patches of grass like so.

I'm looking for someone who modify the tile set, and make it more natural-looking as depicted in this image.


Unpaid Work / Tileset Edits
« on: July 05, 2017, 07:58:41 am »
Greeting, folks.

For this, I'll be a bit concise. Overall, I'm on the look-out for volunteers that may be able to help me edit a few tile sets I've purchased. For the job, you should be proficient in paint-brushing, as opposed to pixel art. It also helps if you're familiar with RPGmaker. If you're willing to help me, send an inbox! :)

Alternatively, you may also contact me via discord, skype, or email.

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