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Pixel Art / Walk Cycle Help
« on: April 24, 2008, 07:52:46 pm »

The individual frames need some palette cleanup, but before I do that I want to get the animation cycle right.

The feedback I've gotten on this so far is that it's not quite right.  Lazycow suggested I add some bend to the elbows, which I just can't seem to get to look
right at this scale.  Any tips?

Pixel Art / [WIP] Shadow Shambler - Missing Image Fixed
« on: March 08, 2008, 12:58:49 am »
on noes!  Hesper's forest is being overrun with Shadow Pests!  One of the bigger varieties is the Shadow Shambler

Shadow Pests are made of a dark sticky slime.  I tried to show that with some shiny parts, especially on the round head.  I'm pretty happy with his left hand, but his right one bothers me. 

Pixel Art / [WIP] Hesper
« on: March 06, 2008, 07:18:38 pm »
This is Hesper, a pixel girl who likes to run around in the forrest surrounding her grandmother's cottage.

As an artist I'm a complete noob, this work heavily references the style of Soul Nomad and the World Eaters.

I'm not completely satisfied with the hair, the skull, or her belt buckle.  Any advice is much appreciated.

combined edits nixed
new smaller ver nixed

new original sized versions, with short hair and long:

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