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Pixel Art / [Beginner] x0adam0x's Progress.
« on: March 12, 2008, 05:33:29 am »
Well with my failed attempt at a Tree and grass I thought I'd drop a lot of what I know right now and re-read all the tutorials in the Linkage thread, Not only that but I'll be saving pixelations like a mad man to study them.

I'll be posting every piece pixel art I create weather or not it sucks or not, Everything will go in here.

So to start this off.

Tremble in fear! It's my L33t ball!!  >:(

Pixel Art / Need help with pixel Tree [First Pixelation]
« on: March 11, 2008, 04:42:35 am »
I posted about a week ago asking for help about where I can find tutorials on environmental stuff like grass,trees,mountains,stuff like that.
So I read a bunch of pixel art tutorials on line art,shading,light sources,AA, drew some shaded spheres and boxes and stuff   :lol:
Anywho I've gone from trying  to draw boxes to a tree! I'm trying to create an oldschool RPG like scene.

I know the lineart isn't 100% perfect or the palette but I did the best to my ability. (I'm going for an up cheerful type tree not gloomy)

And I've drawn my first serious pixelation, a tree. I've looked at lots of trees in google images zooming in on leafs and such to check em out...didn't help  :yell:

Well.... I drew out my tree made light source and shaded a little to guide myself but now I'm completely stuck... I've tried numerous times to get the "Leafy" look to it but I just can't pull it off, "I know I know I suck right?"

Here is one of the many disasters it turned into.

I stopped halfway here because I zoomed out and realized it sucked.

I'm guessing it's propably my texturing job or perhaps my palette....  :'(

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