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Pixel Art / The B.O.B.'s Dump: B.O.B. finally submits something new...
« on: January 02, 2007, 07:11:03 pm »
   So here it is. This is what really got me into pixeling. Along time ago, when I was younger, I decided to try and create a dumb little street fighter mock up. Over the years, I began getting serious with developing each of the characters. They literally started as stick figures, and progressed their way up from pillow-shaded characters, noisy/messy shaded skins and tones, anatomically incorrect figures, to this.
   Of course these aren't perfect, but I still love them for what they are: a representation of what I've learned over the past from watching others pixel artists, and their technique. I do understand that most these characters are desaturated, to almost being one palette ramp of hue/color. I kinda' wanted that with each of the characters, to almost have his own color to represent certain characteristics for aesthetic reasons. I guess  it's just to define that this isn't an SNK style, nor Capcom style, but more over, MY style. Have I achieved this?
   As stated before, this primarily started out as fighting game mock up characters, but I realized that they are too detailed at the moment to animate. So instead, when my artistic skills reach their peak, my dream is to make a comic of these characters, since I already have a basic story line, that I've also worked on since I was younger.(you wouldn't believe the dumb ass ideas I had when I was younger...) Not to mention, that these guys have been in my computer for about 6 months, and haven't had any other eyes on them.

and ladies section for the perves :P

All characters (c) of The B.O.B. ;)
***actually, for any of you Final Fight fans, if you'll notice the 3rd to last character at the bottom of the page(the big, gorilla, looking fellow) is actually my remake of the second to last boss from the original Final Fight, named Abigail(the big Andore pallete swap character, that had white face paint...turned red, and charged at you when ever he was pissed)***

   If you notice, there is one character up there that people helped me with in the past. It looked ok, but you guys helped me make it better. So I was wondering, with the artistic knowledge just a-flowin' around here, is there any flaws with the character designs, or something else that could use some fixin'/editing?(understand that these characters aren't supposed to be perfect by natural anatomy, but if it looks too strange, then I'll be sure to work on it)

More crap:


The fan arts!!1!(one):

Pixel Art / I R tHe RoBoT King!
« on: October 27, 2006, 09:45:54 am »
I was bored today, and  began to doodle. Pretty soon, this robot came out. I call it "I R The Robot King"...

Seriously though, I rushed through it pretty fast mainly for a reason. I tend to notice that my pieces are ok, but most comments I recieve are about the usage or amount of color used, and how they tend to seem sloppy or unfinished. Now I understand this thing looks like crap, but what my main concern is am I using a small pallete(this one has 6, including the black) to it's best advantage, or am I still retaining my sloppyiness. I really wanna' get this color usage thing down, and refine my work with smaller sprites or pieces..If not, then I could settle for a normal crit on any part of the piece....So shoot away folks! :)

Pixel Art / The Maxx vs. The B.O.B...clash of style
« on: October 11, 2006, 02:16:11 pm »
   Okie doke, haven't posted here in a while. A while ago I remember a topic (or ramble I suppose) popping up in the pixeljoint chatter box. It was about the Sam Keith Comic, The Maxx. I believe iSTVAN brought it up, and ever since then I've been looking up story lines and pics of the comic, since I remember watching it when it was made into a short cartoon on Mtv way back when.(bad ass cartoon to be exact. Try searching it on Youtube, and you'll find all episodes) The only problem was I never understood what the hell it was about...Now I do.
   So I drew this fella up, in hopes of sending him in to Pixeljoint when it's done. Only issue is I suck extremely bad at background detail. I'm having no luck trying to create a brick wall texture, with the current pallete that I'm using at the moment. Any one here have any pointers on how I can better approach this? Moreover, does any one think that the character himself needs a smidge of work? Critiques, pointers, Rambles, and whatever. I just need the help 'Beetch's...

By the way, Here's the progress animation, if any one wonders how I do this all in MSpaint(screw the haters, I'm an MSpaint whore all the way):

Pixel Art / A little help, por favor...
« on: May 06, 2006, 07:10:11 am »
   To be honest, I don't even know why I'm doing this...well, actually I do. It's just that I promised myself, that I wouldn't let anyone see one of my designed characters, so I could always have a full proof plan to protect it. Well now I'm in a rut, and I need some valid info. And that is, color/hue selection. I've had this story in my mind since I was a wee lad, and now I think it's nearing completion. I've designed a couple of fighters that belong to this story. Here is one:

(by the way, pay no attention to the older version's pallete, it doesn't really match it)

   The top row is the older version, and bottom row is the newer revamped style that I would like to create all my fighters in now. You'll notice that the newer version seems to be more "drab" in color, but it was all intentional, as each character I created should have a monochromatic color assigned to them. Any ways, while doing this guy I noticed he was a little lighter than the rest. So I was wondering, if any of the pro's here could be of any help in my selecting better, darker colors to fit him?( bear in mind, he is a Korean mixed fighter, and his body is supposed to look like that. But if you feel something is truly wrong with it, than damn it, just tell me...I want to make sure that all my characters (including this guy) become as good as they can be...)

Pixel Art / Pixel league, assemble!!!
« on: April 27, 2006, 08:46:12 pm »
   If any one here is a frequent pixeljoint stalker, than maybe you've seen a lil of my work. I recently sent this one in; my rendition of the pirahna plant from super mario bros. When I finished it, I thought it looked fine. However, to my surprise, members at PJ opened my eyes to a couple issues with it. One was the fact that the lip colors fluctuated and changed as the frames progressed. The main issue, however was the animation itself. They told me that the reality of the chomp action didn't seem right. It had to do with the issue of the mouth bieng closed to the extent of it's reach. I'm trying to fix it, so I need some help. Cuz quite frankly, I want to make something the best I can without leaving it unfinished for once. So I'm blowing my special secret whistle to call upon the help of "The League Extraordinary Pixel'men"...
old> vs. new>

   So tell me wise ones, where else shall I improve upon this fragile flora of pixelated constructs? Seriously though, I wanna know what else I can do to make it better. Does any one here think the newer version is worse than than older version? Or have I improved slightly upon it? Been frozen for 50 friggin years here....need the info....

Thanks for listenin'...

Pixel Art / Sessy Lady...
« on: April 04, 2006, 01:32:41 pm »
What with all these fighter sprites bieng made, I though I'd be a part of the fad, and send in an oldie I made a while ago. I'd just like to mention before hand that fighter sprites are what I like doing best, so I practice more on these guys than anything else. However, looking at my gallery, there was a shortage of female fetalles.Therefore I'm whoring out my design of a female character to you guys, whose design seems to be based off of middle eastern decent, like Egyptians and what not. Tell me if it needs a little work or not:

Keep in mind that I really suck at female anatomy, and would greatly appreciate some tips especially dealing with that subject.

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