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Pixel Art / Can I get some help for the lighting on this?
« on: June 05, 2012, 11:01:08 pm »
Hey guys,

So I drew this a few minutes ago.  It was inspired by a post I saw on this board.  Anyway I think I did a decent job but I need some help with the lighting.  I attempted to make it appear the light source is coming from the top right but I'm not sure if I accomplished this.  Before anyone asks yes it's MLP and yes it's in my own style.  I'm just doing a practice piece here and I figured I would attempt something slightly different.

I would greatly appreciate some help in this matter.  Thanks

comments, critiques and concerns are very welcome.

Pixel Art / Sub Pixel animation test(color dancing)
« on: May 12, 2012, 05:39:37 am »
I've always wanted to know how to do sub pixel animation aka color dancing by some.  And after studying a fair deal of Joakim Sandbergs animations I was able to get a grasp on it.  Here is my first attempt.

An idle animation for my action game character

(Also for those of you who have seen this character here before and maybe wonder where exactly this game is...I'm working on it but it's a huge endeavor so I work on little games in the mean's something I work on just whenever)**it is a bit embarrassing to keep show the same guy though without having a game to show :(**




So comments, critiques, advice?

PixelPileDriver any thoughts?

General Discussion / Shantae Risky's Revenge Trailer
« on: April 06, 2010, 09:21:13 pm »;jsessionid=2hdoeqe3ec3cs

I think when this game is released it will be ripe for pixel art discussion and deconstruction.  :y:

Pixel Art / Video game characters*Updatered*
« on: February 11, 2010, 02:21:29 pm »
[edit] added old version of characters.
After reading Helm's ramble thread(see "re-reading") I decided to work on 2 old characters of mine.  Here are my results.


New 02/11/09

Newer 02/12/09


New 02/11/09

Newer 02/12/09

My main goal was to work on anti-aliasing and eliminate as much banding as possible(within reason)  Not sure how I did so here I am for critiques and comments.  Oh and

General Discussion / Can someome mirror this version of tsugumos site?
« on: February 08, 2010, 05:45:11 pm »
Since this mirror is missing a few of his newer lessons

but if you wayback machine the mirror that pixelation is linking to you can find 15 lessons as opposed to 11. This is like lost manuscript from ancient times  ;D

Who knows how long it will last...

General Discussion / I need to rant!
« on: February 08, 2010, 08:04:17 am »
%*$% pixeljoint, I hate them and their ass-backward idea of what Pacific time means.  How can they be an hour ahead of me??  I live in California!!

If this is disruptive please delete it...I just want to rant to anyone who will listen.

and now for the context

Ok so I learn they have a weekly challenge based on Black and white Character(s) where transparency is required.  Now to me that means "Oh so I should be creative with my use of transparency then ok"  So I literally spend my entire day trying to come up with this awesome way to use transparency.  Finally an idea hits me so I get to work, many many hours later and 2 minutes before 11PM my time which is also pacific time I submitted it.  Even though technically I still have an hour left!  With in 2 minutes I get a comment saying how I didn't follow the rules and basically that I suck(that's how I read it)  Ok so I realize alright I'm a failure with that submission I'll just submit the character only which I had done many many hours before hand.  So I submit that one but I guess wherever their pacific time is it was already Monday which means I missed the submission.  #@&$ing pissed off beyond belief!!  It's not even about winning sigh I just wanted to participate and now I can't even have that.

sorry...  Here are the rules btw so if you want to yell at me or say I'm stupid or whatever be my guest.

This week we want you to make an animated sprite of an original  character using just black, white and transparency.

Update: Please make sure your entry is a full sprite of your character. This is not a portrait challenge.

Canvas Size - Max 80 x 80.
Colours - Exactly 3. You must only use pure black (#000000), pure white (#ffffff) and transparency.
Transparency - Required.
Animation - Required. Min 4 frames.

I personally was not challenged if we only consider making the character, however the whole animation I did was extremely challenging and took hours.

Here is my first entry

Here's my second, not that it matters

Pixel Art / Hey bros! Help me relearn animation :D*teeny update*
« on: July 24, 2009, 09:43:58 pm »
I took a very long hiatus from animation of any kind and now that I'm back and ready to animate again I find that my skills have decreased a huge amount.  Please help me get back on task!  And to help me I present to you an animation I just started working on.

and heres an update with my final key frame

The only way I can describe this animation is by calling it a bicycle kick.  Although I know that isn't what it is.  What I want to show is a character ascending into the air delivering many back and forth kicks for both legs.  Fortunately I can represent as many kicks as I want by looping.

Ok so here is a few things that I need for this animation.

*Dynamic silhouettes
*display as much power as possible
*look like the character is straining a bit to get the kick up
*look like the character needs to use force in order stop his leg from kicking himself in the head.
*Anticipation of the kick(I want to know exactly what is going to happen a frame before it does)
*look believable as in if you could jump that high and proceed to use that many kicks my animation will show that(I don't want it to look awkward or forced)
*Bad ass effects like you see in Street fighter and King of Fighters games.

Can you guys show me how to achieve this?

I know I'm asking a lot but I figure if I'm going to Relearn I might as well be taught by the best instead of fumbling in the dark trying to teach myself.  :y:

General Discussion / Animation Frames per second?
« on: May 09, 2009, 12:24:41 am »
How can you tell what frames per second your animation is.  For a program like graphics gale where you can control the speed of a frame but you also have the individual frames, and in some programs (MMF2) you lose the speed you set up for the gif and have to set up a new one.

What I'm wondering is how can you tell what FPS your animation is at?  For too long I have not know this so no more, I must know.  Otherwise I'm gonna have animations of varying FPS which is going to look weird.

Can a kind soul help me out here?

Pixel Art / I'm having a mental brickdown!! Help! LV2*
« on: April 03, 2009, 12:53:05 pm »
I've finally dipped my hand into the complicated world of creating game tiles and so far I'm having a lot of trouble.  I don't understand a whole lot about the uses of tiles other than they make it easier to reproduce game art, so please forgive me if what I show is just so nooby it makes you want to vomit.  Thankfully promotion makes it a lot easier regardless of being a newb at tiling.  Okay on to the reason I'm here; I need help with tiling a broken down, rusty, dilapidated, lived in, tossed aside brick building.  The feeling I'm trying to get across with this building and the whole level in general is poverty and beat down buildings and structures.  Though this is not apparent in what I'm showing, not yet anyway.  Even though I made this thread to learn how to communicate "brickness" I would also greatly appreciate insight and profound knowledge on how to render buildings and make them not look plain and phoned in.  Okay here is my first pass.

While I feel like what I drew does depict "bricks" I don't really like how super detailed it is coming off.  When I realized this I hastily made an edit off to the side to illustrate what I'm going for, I also wanted to increase the "fake resolution" of the bricks(something I learned from Helms thread  however when I did that they look more plastic-e and toy like and less like stylized cartoon bricks.  So as you can see I have a dilemma and am seeking the knowledge from my superiors.

also as an aside my color selection sucks, mainly because of my lack of color knowledge but partly because I have stupid yellow tinted prescription glasses that while in highschool seemed cool but now years later suck hard!!  And since I have no health insurance I'm stuck with them.  Just thought I would throw that out there...

Update 2009

PS. if anyone cares or is wondering about my previous thread with my animations; I willingly stopped working on my game animations in order to focus on my new college 2D animation class.  After I beat that class I pray that I will have improved after which I will resurrect my thread and will be able to address the critiques I received.

Pixel Art / Work in progress assorted game sprite animations Yipee!!
« on: March 15, 2009, 10:13:25 pm »
After seeing that "The ol' one two " thread I was inspired to put my work up to get critiqued.  I hope I can get as much good info as mozzy.  Well here they are!  A culmination of a few days work.

4 animations to start:  "Attacks are lined up in the order the combo will take place in game"

(I added the shake after I saw the ol' one two thread)

and the jump

I consider the jump and attack1 to be finished but I would still like some critiques on them to make them better. 

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