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General Discussion / Got some questions?
« on: March 10, 2006, 08:05:38 am »
Hi there people!

Does anyone of you guys remember EVOGA? it was a MEXICAN based company that created some very fine titles for SNK; Rage of the dragons for example a very cool kof-looking game. Well.. how tiny is the world, i recently meet one of the guys who created character designs, sprites and some animations for this game, its mexican (like me) and I asked him if i could interview him for this site, he said yes, so im making this open for all of you guys, what do you want to know from a spriter who works at snk?, ask whatever you want and hopefully he will answer back on this thread. :)

ROTD EVOGA graphic team
Character designers : Super Dotter K', Mr. Vo, Mamero, Dessy, Nankin, Bel Mont, Hikaru Suf, Shio Shio, Rinkenedu, Edu, Shuhey Kawasaki, Jaga Danshaku

He's MR.VO from that list.

My first question was (and i think some people here remember a commercial critique where we asked ourselves this) żdo they use independent pixel art software created by snk? He said yes and he said that it runs on macs! how nice!

Anyways, ill leave you with a couple of screenshots to show you guys what im talking about!

Cheers and make all your questions!

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