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Pixel Art / [WIP] tiles n trees
« on: February 01, 2008, 06:55:25 am »
hey guys, ive started working on a 32x32 tileset, and so far am pretty happy with how its progessing.

I like the grass and dirt tiles quite a bit (the grass might be a bit too bright), and the "clayish" ones look ok, but i dont know if i'll keep them, they seem a bit out of place next to the other tiles.

Anyway, i've started doing a tree (it will be the biggest single "thing" i've ever done, weighing in at a hefty 105x107), and would like some critique on the general shape of it, and the detailing on the left part, which i've spent about an hour on, but don't want to invest too much more time in if it looks like crap :)

anyway, i'd certainly appreciate any suggestions you might have on any of the tiles, or the tree.

on the left is all the tiles sorted out, and the rights a sort of quick mockup of how they fit together


Pixel Art / [WIP] Isometric Scene
« on: December 12, 2007, 04:09:20 pm »
I thought i'd try something different (for me at least) this time, and i've always been interested in game tiles so i thought i'd give them a go. I probably bit off more than i can chew going for isometric tiles straight away, but i think they're progressing nicely. As you can probably tell, I've cut lots of corners with horizontal flipping, but i wanted to at least get a basic tile for each position to work with. The flipping works fairly seamlessly, so i'm not too stressed about that at the moment. I'm pretty happy with how to south-east faces work, but the south-west ones don't look as good to me, so i'll redo them later i think. I just wanted some feedback before i get stuck into it again, since i'm not that great at critiquing my own stuff :)

I think the grass looks pretty crap, but i think that about most low resolution grass. I was going to try the bulky leaf look of secret of mana 2 or whatever that game is (i'm sure you all know) but i like the many thin grass blades look better, so thats what i attempted.

After the cliffs are done(ish) i think i'll try either long grass or a dirt road. These tiles aren't for anything in particular, but i just wanted to make some, so if anyone wants to suggest some sort of game they might be appropriate for (some sort of less cartoony isometric advance wars might be cool) feel free to let me know and if i like it i might gear the tiles towards that. But really they're just something more to do during uni holidays :)

Pixel Art / [WIP] Knight (and hellos)
« on: December 08, 2007, 03:43:09 am »
Hey there, i've been reading this forum for a few months and can't believe how incredibly talented you guys are. I was inspired last night to pixel something, so i tried, and here's what i've got so far:

As with everything i ever do, i didn't know what i was shooting for at the beginning, so i started with a face, and from there just went with what came to me.

I'd appreciate any C+C you could provide, especially on the body armour (i'm Australian, so i refuse to call it armor  :)), since i cant decide if its any good or not.

Thanks guys!

(I've also never used photobucket before, so hopefully it works properly)

EDIT: Here's the latest version of him:

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