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Pixel Art / Anti-Aliasing Help! [W.I.P]
« on: September 01, 2007, 12:07:58 am »
Sorry if this is long as I will include my introduction towards this website and post something I have been working on.

Hello everyone of Pixelation, I am not new to this forum as I have joined earlier. . I haven't been here for some time, so let me reintroduce myself. I am of 14 years of age and want to become a better spriter/pixel artist mainly because I enjoy and appreciate art. I was mainly inspired by some members on these forums like Helm for his skill with palette and artwork, Ptoing, who is also very good with palette and art, Big Brother, who is very good with anatomy and life drawings, and more. There are very good pixel artist here who I know can help me, also Panda and Snake. (If your name is not included please don't take this as an offence)

I came here specifically to become a better pixel artist; I have been doing it for some time, so I am no beginner. I need help with a piece that is shown below mainly with AA and palette, shading if necessary. What I post or sprite is of what I like, respect that as I respect all of you.  :lol:

In the future I would like to receive hard comments and critique as that helps most. As for this I tried to go low colors and a nice smooth piece. I always practice the pixeling techniques but know that critique boosts your skill higher and you learn faster by it.

Here is the piece. Keep in mind that this is DB/DBZ/DBGT related, so the anatomy is supposed to look like what it is. (Lol, I not a fan boy if thatís what youíre thinking)

I think the AA looks bad because of the palette.

If an experienced pixel artist could help me I would much appreciate it. Thanks in advance and hello everyone!

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