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Hello everyone!

This topic is about discipline. It's about structure and about motivation. I don't know if the phrase "drawing hygiene" works well.

The thing is: I really want to improve in art. I'm totally happy about my current results. I'm doing my excercises (almost) every day and recently I just WANT to draw. It's not a thing of negotiation any more. (I feel like that for about three days. Of course I'm aware that it can change again and I still need more time to be sure about everything. And I still get frustrated fast, what is in fact the greatest obstacle I have to overcome.)

Now that I came to this point, I have the urge to expand my overall drawing time. Currently I draw about one and half an hour a day. That makes 10,5 hours a week what is nice output and really is a difference to my earlier drawing time (zero hours a week).
It doesn't seem like I can focus on drawing longer than this time. My body and mind start to feel unfomcortable about it after this period. Things like "eating", "housekeeping" and "videogames" come to my mind.
I always think "you can draw more in the evening" but this rarely happens. When I want to push it I start feeling tired or exhausted. Although I'm more a night person.

There are other things that bother me about my daily routine.
I can't draw when my boyfriend is at home. He has a fulltime job and is coming home arround 4 PM. It's not like he does something special to hold me back, but just his pure presence let me stop being an indipendent entity. (This is an overstatement to make it easier to explain.)
The other thing is that I can't intregrate my drawing routine into days on which I have a shift. I mostly start in the afternoon and of course I have to prepare myself for it. A day where I have to go to work is mostly lost. I theorically can draw at work and I've done it in the past, but I start to feel that it's not the right thing to do, since I lack of focus there. The results are still okay, but I'm afraid the lack of focus influence my habbits in a bad way. And morning shifts are an absolute horror, since I'm to tired to draw after getting up so early. Additional, I'm very moody at these days.

This is the essence of my situation. I would be happy to hear some thoughts about it and maybe you have some advice.

Of course this topic can generaly be used to share some of your rituals and routines that help you stay focused, even if you don't have something to say about my personal story.

Thank you for reading. :)

Pixel Art / [C+C] Improvements on a balloon
« on: November 09, 2016, 10:56:44 pm »
Hello there!

I'm struggling with a simple thing. See what I got:

I dithered the balloon, what's not correct. But every version without dithering looked weird, and I don't want to use to many colours. In the version on the left, I handcrafted my own colour ramp. The dithering can't be seen here, because the colours are hardly different.
For the right version I used the colours of this picture: I liked how the colours worked "as a balloon", but they doesn't seem to fit with my sprite. Here the dithering is going on a rampage.

The highlight brings me trouble as well, as the straight top line does.
I think the problems can be fixed with better colours. But the less saturated didn't look realistic, as balloons are "covered" with light caused by the flat surface.

Hope you have something in mind.  ::)

Pixel Art / [C+C] Runensucher's "trying to improve"
« on: November 08, 2016, 01:04:02 pm »
Hi and hello!

So, where to start? I'm the new guy. My name's Hannes and I'm from Berlin.
A few years ago I started with pixel art. I went for it a few weeks, then I stopped.

Oh, well. There is a long story, but I don't want to bother you with it. Just one thing: If you are a creative person, then all the stuff you don't do will give you a lot of pain. That's what happened to me.
I often have these images in my head and they just ended as that smelly junk that doesn't let you sleep at night.
This time, I want to start with less pressure on myself. I wonder if this forum is the right place for it. ^^

What I want:
- Please feel free to criticise my art. I'm not as sensitive as it seems. It's not possible for you to be that harsh that I am to myself. :)
- My english is "work in progress" too. I forgot the most of grammar lessons from school. If there is something you don't understand, just ask. And if you sense something that wrong that it hurts: please inform me.
- If there are some other german natives: Say "Hallo!". I really appreciate some company to stay tuned.
- I like to talk about other stuff too, especially games, game music, pets, foxes, films, terry pratchett or cookies. ::)

Now let's talk about art. Here is some of mine:

As you can see, there are some animated sprites too. They once were designed for a gaming app. But I got exchanged by a more experienced artist. :)
Sorry for posting this stuff resized. I will keep this rule in mind for the future.

And now, here is something we can talk about. I worked at this image today for about... two and a half hours. The first image is an old one. The second was created to get in touch with photoshop and pixel art again. I wanted to make the sprite look more interesting with a few changes and I worked on the anatomy. I didn't add shading because I liked the art style overall.
My questions are: What can I do to make the straw hat look more like straw? And how can I change the colours to better fit together?
Don't hestitate to give me advise about other topics, too. To be honest, I think there are some things I improved and some I worsened.

If you got some time, I want to ask two questions about this forum:
Can I post future art in the same topic? Or is it better to start a new one?
Do you have some additional advice to "get started" with this forum?

Thank you for your time. Read you soon.

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