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Pixel Art / Projectile Fire Animation
« on: October 08, 2017, 09:41:21 am »
Hey people, I'm on the forum again
Anyway here is something I'm working on

It's supposed to be a No charge, Half charge, and Full charge projectile. Like on Megaman X.
I'm restricted to 4 frames, but think I did something pretty good, still think it lacks something (Primarily the Full charge, think it lacks strength but don't know how to fix it)

Pixel Art / Pokemon animations?
« on: November 30, 2016, 05:00:41 pm »
Well im working on a pokemon project right now. I have to make a set of animations, But i dont feel completely sure on the final animations.
I will put them on timeline, I made first Charmeleon, Then Bulbasaur, Then Ivysaur and now im making squirtle.





This is the thing, i am comfortable with the overall quality, it would be great if you guys can give me some feedback, But my first problem is Squirtle Attack, Is supossed to be a bubble beam, but i am restricted to 4 frames of preparation and 4 frames of the actual attack, i dont know how to make it fluid and feel powerfull, Any idea?

Pixel Art / Iddle, Run, Jump and Combo
« on: October 28, 2016, 04:57:50 pm »
Hello, I just make some animations for the game im working and im good with most of it, only want some tips if someone have one.
Jumping and falling
Attack (3x Combo)

Hello people! Iím Anthony Gervez, Also MaxCreed
Contact: Iím open to commissions and Long/Short term gigs. To contact me just send a message with the tag [JOB] to my Email or add me on Discord
Discord: MaxCreed #1571

I especialize on animation, If you want something animated i can do it its hard thats there something for me that i cant do.
Experience on:
-Object Animation
-Special Effect Animations
-Character Design
-Background Design
-Tileset Design

My Rates go From 20$-25$ Hourly. But I'm really flexible with rates so talk to me and we can get along with something.

Misc Information about me:
Im a father of two. Three year old girl and Two year old boy.
Hope i can make them proud of me.
Love RPGs - Roguelites - Roguelikes - Actio and Platformers.
And have some experience on them too.

I'm making my Blog, and all my Social media Sites. When I have them will edit this and add it.

Pixel Art / New style characters
« on: October 22, 2016, 05:05:03 am »

Hello, im new in this forum! My name is MaxCreed and i joined this community to improve my pixel art abilities, find work and meet new friends.
Im trying a new style of pixel art because i want to start right away with commissions and i am building my portfolio so i can be a professional freelancer.

This is not my style. But i think i make it pretty well. My idea is to make a little animation scene, this characters are on a bus stop. Then the bus arrives and they go. Other characters arrive after that.

I want any critique, and i want to ask if my art is professial enough to find job as a pixel artist.

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