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Job offers / [CLOSED] [PAID] Prototyping and Art Direction Required
« on: October 16, 2016, 12:11:10 am »
Hey, my name is Kieran, and Iím lead developer and designer on a little side project for a few months. My team and I have design, programming and music down but without art we canít properly prototype and therefore secure funding. For the prototype, we need someone who can handle pixel art for HUDs, sprites and projectiles. As the game becomes more developed weíll need some proper art direction as well as characters and splash screens.

Iíve ran some numbers and hope to pay in the region of $250 for the prototyping work, which will include a player sprite, a basic HUD and large amount of object work. Almost all of this needs to be animated. Communication is also vital, weíre looking for someone whoís friendly and willing to engage in their role in the game. It helps if youíre near a GMT time zone, but donít stress it. If you want to work on it full-time, thatís fine, or if itís something that you work on when you're available we can handle that as well.

Of course, I havenít said a word about the game itself. Let me give you some back-of-the-box bullet points:
ē   Out of alpha in 6 months, released in 12
ē   10-15 hour experience
ē   ďDoomĒ-style false 3D effect, with a similar level of visual fidelity
ē   But itís about giant robots
ē   And itís also an unholy fusion of California Surf, Spaghetti Westerns and Rockabilly rebellion

If youíre interested or have any questions, or think my payment is way off, let me know here or email me at kwaddy1[at]

Unpaid Work / [REV-SHARE] Hobbyist Pixel artist for Giant Robots in False 3D
« on: September 29, 2016, 09:19:36 pm »
Hey, Iím Kieran, and Iím lead developer of a small team working in our spare time on a 10-15 hour PC game in Unity 5. The visual style is inspired by the ďfalse 3DĒ seen in the original Super Mario Kart or Doom, where 2D sprites are stretched and overlaid to create a unique 3D appearance. Currently though we lack the assets and animations to prove that the effect is working properly, and thatís where you come in. Weíre looking for someone to create a handful of animated sprites for the player, enemy, and projectiles so we can take our mostly working prototype to a fully working one. At the moment, Iím thinking that we want 75px sprites with a fairly bright but not cartoony art style, but thatís all open to negotiation.

So maybe youíre interested but youíre wondering whether thereís a game behind that 90s tech demo. There is, and itís about bullet dodging with a healthy dose of weapon management and button pressing. (That means thereís some HUD work that needs doing as well if youíre up to it). As for theme, weíre going for a kind of Californian surfing, spaghetti western, 50s Rockabilly motif. With giant robots.

If we get on really well, and you donít mind tying up some of your free time working on it, then thereís plenty of other art that needs doing over the course of the following months. The HUD needs doing, we need full-body character art, thereís splash screens and menus, logos, and plenty more. The more you do, the more weíll pay you, and any art that you make weíre happy for you to redistribute in your portfolio or for merchandising.

If youíre interested or have any questions, contact me at kwaddy1 [AT]

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