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Hello! I'm Finn, creator of Pale and Drawn Studios. We're a small indie startup that's looking for a pixel artist or two to create assets for our up-and-coming RPG, primarily tilesets, environments and monster sprites/portraits. (Human sprites are a necessity as well, but environmental and creature work are our priority.)

The video game in question is currently unnamed and in its early development stages, but we've completed the basic story and have a rich world for the game to take place in. Said game is an RPG with a focus on exploring dreams, nightmares and the futility of man, with emphasis on sleep, environmental disaster and the slightly supernatural.

Artists will be pixeling tilesets and parallax environments that are compatible with the program RPG Maker, and should be proficient in pixeling nature scenes, particularly swamps, draping mangrove trees and the like. For the creature work, artist will be pixeling and animating monsters of all walks of life, and should be proficient in creating and pixeling creatures that aren't just humans with more limbs/cats with many eyes/etc.
Payment will start at 15 dollars an hour, and may increase or decrease depending on the artist's discretion, as a Kickstarter is in the works for additional payment .

This is not a local project--as long as you have access to a webcam and Skype, we'll be able to communicate just fine! My email is; alternately, my Skype is mysterioustrainerk (for contact on either, be sure to tell me which position you're interested in, monsters or environments).

Thanks very much for reading, and I hope to hear from you soon!

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