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The topic pretty much hits it. I'm a programmer and I'd like to create some small but nice game in my vacation and try to get it greenlit afterwards.
I'm open to suggestion regarding the actual game.
Drop me a message if you'd like to join me.


imagine pixel art combined seamlessly with tech like fluid simulations, real time lighting/shadows, animation interpolation, physics, 3d rendering, context based animations, cloth simulation, etc. I wonder if there is any skilled Artist who'd, just like me, like to explore technologies that would extend great pixel art in that way.

 I'm a programmer who probably can program all the stuff we can come up with. I'd like to partner up with someone who'd really like to contribute his crazy ideas and artistic vision (I really lack the later one), as well as his pixel artistry, of course.

drop me a message or post here and I'll write you.

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