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Portfolios / Pixel Artist!
« on: September 26, 2018, 03:02:42 am »
Hello everyone in this section!
I am pixel artist looking to help others in their projects needs. I can create characters up to 64x64 depending on the details needed. I am mostly good at creating simplistic characters and environments for platformers and rpgs. I have more works depending on what you are looking for, however my new stuff is under NDA. feel free to contact me via email @ or discord Creativejon90#2182

Job offers / Pixel Artist/Animator
« on: January 11, 2017, 06:57:20 am »
Hello all

Dinobyte Softworks is looking to fill the position of Character artist/animator for a project that is currently being worked on.
Here are a few links of where we post updates

That demo was made in 6 weeks and we have had some amazing feedback from the public during the Orlando IX event in 2016. With that feedback, we have improved character visuals and know where we need to step up in terms of gameplay. The person we are looking for will also oversee upgrading our current lineup of characters as well as future development in character art and animations.
Here are some of the characters that need to be upgraded in terms of visuals to meet the current style of Nalia.



for animation frames in the new style will mostly be 8 frames, unless otherwise specified.
When sending an email, or contacting me via skype, please send me your rates weather that be hourly, frame by frame or other, a portfolio of your work, and an estimated time it takes to work on a sprite as well as an average time it takes for animation to be completed

Position sound like it fits you? You can reach me at @
Skype: jonmedina90

Unpaid Work / [REV-SHARE] Pixel, Sci-fi, Action RPG
« on: May 08, 2016, 09:19:18 am »
Hello Pixel artists,

I am looking for pixel artist and animators for a project I have been working on slowly for the past year. The reason wh i say slowly is because I have only been operating on the extra funds i have from time to time. Needless to say, Its been a very slow progression with this game.

The game is being designed as a topdown action sci fi RPG. The game is about a female protagonist who is a bounty hunter. Haunted by a horrible experience that happend to her in the past lead her to becoming a bounty hunter in the future. She uses different types of weapons, and is able to upgrade some of them, to better assist her during battle and exploring. The game will feature different planets and places to explore, and also meeting new characters along the way.

I am looking for artists who can match the style that i currently have for the characters in the game. Now this vast open world is something I would like to create. However I would like to start with something small. A demo/trailer Is something I would like to work on with the team and elaborate with the team on what experiences we could bring to make this game fun. Below I have the FB page of the current progression of the game as far as art. The game is inspired by sci fi and rpg games, dark souls and most recently HLD (Hyper Light Drifter). If you have any more questions feel free to message me via here or email at you an also reach me on Skype jonmedin90.

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