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Job offers / Need Pixel Artist/Spriter
« on: April 12, 2016, 09:21:37 pm »

First I will give a little background on myself:

I am an engineering student and Independent game designer/producer. I am 35 years old and been married for almost one year now. I have attempted several video game projects in the past and have always been held up by the fact that I do not have any art talent what-so-ever. I am able to learn software and basics of most programming languages to get a good start but at the end of the day you need experts on your team. I may revisit these video game projects in the future if I make some good artist contacts, but now I have shifted my focus to board games.

I am working on a board game I am calling RetroRPG. All of the art in the game is to be inspired by 16-32 bit RPG's.  I have an alpha version completed using some RPG Maker sprites and tiles but I want to use unique art that can be copyrighted with my game. I am using a piece of software called Table Top Simulator for alpha and beta testing. I am almost ready to roll out a beta version of the game, and with it I want start implementing original artwork. So with the help of google I am here.

So, that being said. I will not need any animation just still sprites. I will need some still action shots, for example a Mage shooting a fireball, a fighter throwing a weapon etc just not every frame of animation. A few tile sets for game board art. All fantasy style with your typical monsters and races. Tile set terrain will be grassland, forest, mountain, small village, and maybe basic dungeon. And also UI type design work for the various card layouts.

I am adding a more detailed letter than I composed to respond to all of the inquiries. This better explains what I need and what I am paying. Feel free to negotiate prices with me if you are interested.

This is not an hourly or salary type job. I did not mean to give that impression but I have had responses that were under the impression that this was so. And again I apologize.

If you are still interested, this is what I am looking for. I will link a couple of sample cards that I put together using GIMP and sprites from RPG maker. Below are some of what I am looking for. I am not looking to get them all from the same person necessarily. I may purchase different art from different artists. So don’t be intimidated by the list feel free to submit samples of any or all items from the list below:

•   Design layout for cards. i.e. if you know games like magic the gathering or pokemon etc. Think where the card title goes, what font, symbol placement, border graphic etc. My layouts are as generic as they get.

•   Symbols to replace key text phrases like “Attack, Defense, etc”

•   Unique pixel art. I personally like a combination of parody of classic games alongside references that simply pay homage to the greats.

•   Card Back Design.

That’s what I am looking for right now.

As for payment. I will pay 20 dollars per card design that I choose for front and back. I have multiple decks in the game and will have need of a few different layouts. $2 dollars per picture along with exclusive rights to the work. And $1 per card to put it all together in a sheet. Sheet dimensions need to be 4096x4096, 10 across, 7 down for tabletop simulator. You get 69 cards plus a Back graphic on each sheet. I have roughly 180 unique cards for the beta. About 61 terrain tiles which I will get to later. The card count will increase post beta release moving into a complete product. Plus, fun graphics for rulebooks, boxes and accessories for final product will be needed.

Edit: I am offering 2 dollars per picture right now because the first project consists of simple items like a sword, a bow, a helmet, a potion etc. And honestly for beta purposes, I can probably settle for what I have pic wise already, offering this is really just a way to lock in interested members for future needs. Card layout and design is more important overall. I have had a couple of inquiries on the low price. I am also open to negotiation. I am not familiar with this industry. I am just trying to get the last pieces I need for my beta version so I can get the game in front of investors. I am not looking for extravagance right now as I am looking to finish the beta version only. All of that will come with the final product. I have plenty of cards that are just text that need more work than what I provided. Again I thought it best to start small and simple and see who was interested in being apart of this project.

I am also willing to take on a partner that will work for stake in the game. If interested this will be done legitimately through contractual agreements, affidavits, and non-compete agreements. And/or I may actually be looking to hire if this takes off as I have more base game concepts just waiting on a chance to become something great.

I am doing this in batches. I am paying via PayPal. If one person can do it all it’s an easy couple hundred dollars, if not then it’s a few bucks and good networking. Plus, I plan on giving everyone whose work I use on the game a small profit royalty. I have not worked the numbers on that yet, but it will be an equal share no matter how much work I purchase from one person.

Link to Sample Cards:

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