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Portfolios / Gregor_mack /// Pixel-art, Sprites and animation
« on: April 16, 2016, 05:33:06 pm »

My name is Steven. I'm pixel-artist - animator with more than 6 year of experience.
I'm working in Russia, so almost every commend about my work on russian. Now I'm working with foreign language clients too)
I do love my job and working with EVERY client like doing something for myself) I like gaming and understand how games work, so I can do any graphics for a game and even give instructions how to make it work with better perfomance)

I've been working on:

- Intravenous - NEW

- Party Hard (location - production can be found in my portfolio);
- The Gun of Ages; (good gifs can be found in my portfolio)
- Assault on the Necrospire
- Loria: Rage of Chaos;
- Wyrmsun
- Mostly one-time jobs;

$37 per hour.
$1332 per week.  $5328 per month.
6 hours per day. 6 days per week.

Due to several non paid commissions:
- I work only after prepayment;
- I'm not making free test;


Discord:   GregorMN#6734

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