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Hey Everyone!

I havent posted in here in a quite a while, but I am really happy to share with you all a huge project I have been working on for the last few years.

Its called "CtPaint" (, and its a paint program that runs in your web browser. Aside from being good paint software that works really well in such a weird environment like the web browser, I added features like being able to save to your drawings directly to a url and being able to load any drawing from a url.

I dont have a complete list of its features, but it includes:
  • replace color menu
  • resize canvas menu
  • RGB/HSL color picker
  • scale menu
  • invert
  • pencil
  • rectangle
  • text menu
  • eraser
  • line
  • fill
  • sample
  • four swatches and an expandable color palette
  • zoom
  • minimap
  • gallery view
  • select
  • color transparency (kind of like how MSPaint does transparency)
  • Undo / redo
  • Download to PNG

Im really curious if you like it! If you have any feedback, please tell me, I want to make this software work well for you. When I started this project a few years back I talked to 10 or 20 random folks around here about what they want from their paint software, if you were one of them, thank you again!

Theres still some features I havent implemented yet, like layers, and real transparency. Right now I am just releasing a baseline paint app I can improve upon later.

Hi there,

I havent posted in a thread in maybe a few months. But Ive been in the pixelation slack channel since about April. Ive been working on making a kickstarter for some pixel software for a while now, and I am (hopefully) really close to launching.

Here is the preview link if you are curious to check it out:

As far as pixel software goes, Im not trying to make anything revolutionary. But what would set CtPaint apart is the fact that it runs in your browser, which enables call kinds of cool web connectivity features, like being super easy to collaborate with others, being able to open any image on the internet, and being able to post directly to social media.

I really want to make software that would be attractive to anyone who hangs out on pixelation, so Im curious to what you might think of how my project looks to you. What do you think?


Job offers / [PAID] - Small works of any sort of 4chan humor
« on: July 31, 2016, 06:47:50 pm »
Hey guys,

Im trying to advertise a paint software project of mine that I am making into a business. I want to advertise on 4chan and I need three or four banner ads. Ive got a basic template for my banner ads, but I need a few small drawings of 4chan humor or memes.

The images can be no larger than 90x180 pixels. Im currently trying to draw my own images, but I dont think I can produce them fast enough or of the quality I would like.

Email me at Price to be negotiated. Examples of 4chan images Id be happy with: a drawing of Pepe, depictions of Bane or CIA from the Dark Knight Rises.

Pixel Art / Opening shot of plane scene from The Dark Knight Rises
« on: July 31, 2016, 02:39:36 am »
Hey guys,

Im drawing a shot from the movie The Dark Knight Rises. Here is my reference:

And here is my drawing:

Conzeit in the slack channel said I might not have enough contrast. I can see that, but I am not sure how to fix it. Just exaggerating the brightness on my five blues didnt look good. Also I feel like someone of my shading on the plane is too patchy.

What do you think?

Pixel Art / Drawing a planet
« on: April 25, 2016, 05:23:18 pm »
Im working on a space ship game ( , controls are the keys e, s, c, u, k, n, and space). I drew up this planet just to have a video game asset to play around with. I dont think I am close to being finished with the drawing, but I am not sure how to proceed. Right now its just two colors representing landmasses and oceans. I figure I need to start drawing clouds and surface features, but it sounds pretty daunting. Any advice on how to proceed?

an in-game shot

Hey guys,

I got kind of a weird offer.

Basically, two years ago I made some paint software that largely resembles MSPaint, but it runs inside your web browser. Its available to use at, with no downloading or installing necessary. Im returning to the project with the intention of making a new business around in browser image editing and social media.

Ill pay about $45 to $90 (depending on your pixel art experience, please provide prior work), for you to draw whatever you would like in my software. Doesnt have to be complicated, but you do have to finish it. Here are three conditions:

0; You have to talk to me about software afterwards, so I can get a better idea of what you like and dislike about pixel drawing software. Not just my software but software generally. It doesnt have to be a long one, maybe 3 or 4 thorough email back and forths, or a 15 minute phone call.

1; I get to use whatever you draw. Im doing a kickstarter, so I will use your drawing to demonstrate what is possible in CtPaint. Ill of course, give you credit in what ever promotional video your image shows up in.

2; Since Ill likely throw it into a promotional video, the pixel art has to be general audience appropriate, no other content conditions however.

Whats available at, I made with no intention of making it into a product, so its got some kinks and quirks. There isnt much available in terms of documentation or helper menus, so I would be happy to explain to you how its features work.

You can email me at


Pixel Art / Moonlander space ship in video game
« on: April 04, 2016, 06:13:41 am »
Ive got this simple spaceship game online right now:

And its using a sprite of a spaceship I drew a few years ago. Looking back at it, Im not that happy with it. Its shape is kind of awkward, and while its got a lot of details none of them look very coherent. I tried improving it.

I feel like most recent iteration iteration looks... blobby?

Pixel Art / Two low resolution Portraits
« on: April 03, 2016, 06:54:10 pm »
Hey guys,

Im totally new here. This is my first thread.

I made a little video game for my friends birthday today. Its basically just a portrait of me, and my friend, and you control my portrait to move to her whereupon it says 'Happy Birthday'.

Anyway, here are the portraits:


They are each around 50x60 pixels. How did I do? I wanted to make them realistic, but it became hard to make facial features in such a small area. Like, the 'room' I had to make a nose was about 2x6 pixels. How do you draw a realistic nose in that small of a space?

What could I have done better?


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