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Devlogs & Projects / UNWRITTEN RPG
« on: January 12, 2019, 06:08:14 pm »
hi there, we've almost completed the demo of our game and thought it was a good idea to create and share a facebook page for it. i am not sure if this is allowed here, if not please remove the post.

Job offers / Environment Pixel Artist needed [CLOSED]
« on: September 09, 2018, 08:40:37 pm »
Hello guys! I really need a pixel artist that can help me with the environment for my game "Unwritten".
Right now we've written down the whole demo story which is to be found here:

We'll start with a prototype of this demo, which is the big "maze" gameplay part.
What I need is:
- The walls.
- The floor.
- The sky.
- The big mirror.
- The small standing mirrors that teleport you to other parts of the maze.
- Mirror switches.
- Mock-up of how it is supposed to look in the end.

I am willing to pay 70 AUD for this.
Please mail to: with your portfolio

This is the style of the game

hello people, i am looking for animators and environment pixel artist who can help me with my game.
assets we are looking for are:

1 ) Enemy9 and 16 side and back.
2 ) Enemy9 walk, dying, idle.
3 ) Enemy16 walk, attack, dying, idle, extra animation.
4 ) Add another sword and shield to girl1's personal spritesheet and animate them: start with sword attack.
5 ) Detailing base for girl2 personal spritesheet: Throwing Dagger (spell).
6 ) Detailing base for girl1 personal spritesheet: Band Aid (spell).
7 ) ATTACK DOWN (shield bash).
8 ) ATTACK UP (shield bash).
9 ) Add another sword and shield to girl1's personal spritesheet and animate them: shield attack & shield bash.
10 ) Add another dagger to girl2's personal spritesheet and animate it: start with basic dagger attack.
11 ) Add another dagger to girl2's personal spritesheet and animate it: throwing dagger (spell).

- Sidescroller Map for Run 'N Go.
- Iso Map for capture the star.

Prices: I have a budget of 165 AUD for all of this, probably 120 aud will go to the animations and 45 AUD to the environment.
If you don't agree with the prices I am always willing to discuss.


Character references:

Screenshots of game:

Everything started with just "existence" itself. "Existence" can take shape in everything, create everything and do everything it wants. It's a living being. Existence created a god called Astrea, given the power of space. Astrea created several worlds containing other living beings. However, one of those worlds Astrea watched over didn't satisfy her.

As time passed the newborn world flourished and began to grow, and with its growth so too did Astrea’s creations. From a small village to bustling towns the seeds of life Astrea had spread began to bloom and they deemed themselves humanity. Astrea looked upon her children with happiness for a time, yet with the growth of her children through the ages came sorrow, for they had been given a mortal life and with it the faults of mortality. The poison of mortality ran amok among her children and with it came bloodshed and struggles amongst themselves, and the unseen poison only continued to spread. Astrea bore witness to the destruction caused by her own creations in sadness and lament, yet Astrea could not interfere, she could only watch.

During those dark times Astrea chanced upon a young boy during her observations. She grew attached to the boy as he himself had become aware of the poison coursing through his fellow people. She watched as the boy beseeched the heavens to grant him power so as to save humanity from the poison in their veins. Astrea felt moved by the boy’s words and his determination and so she decided to aid the boy indirectly. She gave the boy a portion of her own power, she gave the boy the power over time, thus the Time Writer was born.

Astrea wants to get rid of the world(s) with humans while Weiss (the time writer) wants to reverse to a time without humans. Since the ideals of the gods clashed, they began war. Existence disagreed with both of the gods, that's why it took both of their powers away. Its plan was to create 8 newborn human beings, to make Astrea and Weiss think differently about the humans. They could only receive their power back by having four of the girls' consent. The girls weren't planning to give their power away easily because Existence waited 18 years for the girls to develop emotions and have a past before allowing them to enter the book. The girls were not aware of any of this. Both gods had one soldier each to use to manipulate the girls, which are: the boys.

While the girls grow up, Astrea and Weiss are sent to their world to observe humans. The boys lived their entire lives in the Unwritten Book, which started off quite empty. Existence gave all the girls and boys a diary for them to have a “home” inside the book. Every time the girls wrote in their diary their vision and imagination, thoughts, dreams and creations appeared inside of the book world for the boys to see. The boys started bonding with them. Existence didn’t intend for this to happen, and the gods claimed it was unfair because now the boys grew a relationship with the girls they would refuse to manipulate the girls. So, Existence removed the boys’ memories. The boys were also allowed to create things with their diary. While the boys noticed their memory fading away, they created temples with their memory fragments inside them. Boy1 created the temple of thunder, blood, fire and darkness. Boy2 created the temple of nature, poison, ice and light.

Meanwhile there was something the gods didn't know anything of. There were cloaks guiding the girls, unseen by the naked eye. Only the girls themselves were able to see them. Those cloaks allowed the girls to develop their power and become more aware of what they are capable of.
The gods reside in a book called “The Unwritten Book” created by Existence. No one knew what the keyholes were until the girls were given keys by their personal cloaked figure. The book has always been unlocked, however upon opening a regular human being would only see pages with text and images containing a “fairytale” (which is actually reality) created by Existence. When the girls revisit their human world and open the book again using the 8 keys combined, Space and Time will be destroyed and replaced by Light and Darkness. All the girls will gain the power of Existence and The Writer will finally take a permanent shape.

Existence also visited the human world. He was seen as a famous writer by many. Everyone has read the Unwritten Book at least once. The girls also knew Existence, two of them even worked for him as assistants (girl4 and 7). Girl7 and 4 heard rumors about the book being haunted and started to read about it in Existence’s library. They found little information, but managed to put all the pictures and vague text together into a big image. The girls remained silent about what they knew, because even though they believed it, they were sure no one else would. Once the girls turned 18, he decided the girls were ready to enter. The past 2 years, all the 8 girls have been working in Existence’s library because Existence wanted them to learn to know each other. Without hesitation they all accepted. All the 8 girls became great friends faster than expected. Half of the twin pairs already separated, and half didn’t (Girl3 & 6 + Girl2 & 4 were still together). So it was also a beautiful and emotional reunion for the girls who separated. When it was time to leave, all the girls disappeared one by one except for girl7 and 4, leaving their belongings behind.

Pixel Art / smol doge anim
« on: April 29, 2018, 02:05:07 am »
idk if this animation looks alright i have never done something in this size and also barely practiced animation so like i am not surprised if it turned out horribly

Pixel Art / is the leg alright
« on: April 28, 2018, 10:16:51 pm »
hi i am trying to shade the leg of this

let me know if its alright!!

Pixel Art / ~ feedback on this W.I.P. pls ~
« on: April 14, 2018, 10:19:28 pm »

design by
original design image:

2D & 3D / heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp
« on: April 14, 2018, 10:52:06 am »
i am trying to make a pregnant kangaroo with a third eye but idk how to position the eye with the hair covering it!! since it's supposed to be on the forehead, and idk i don't want the hair to be ugly.
any othe r feedback also welcome.

Job offers / need an animator for illustrated scenes! [CLOSED]
« on: April 10, 2018, 06:19:15 am »
hello, I am unure where to look since this is not a pixel art job though I have seen people posting about audio which is also not pixel art so I thought it might be allowed to post this here. if not, just delete it pls.

OK so, what I am looking for is someone to animate my illustrated scene that I wrote down. the frames don't necessarily have to be detailed and can be very sketchy and rough. also no color and shading. it's just the base animation because i have people in my team who are able to do the detailing and coloring. I would like you to put the characters in a different layer than the background if possible.

please mail to: and send over your portfolio.

I can send you more details about the characters and their looks if you are chosen for the position.

PAYMENT: 200 euro per scene. I put one of the scenes below for you to get an idea.

When Girl1 enters the door an illustrated scene starts playing. The girl walks down a long dark path. Echoey footstep sound effects. Scared, she looks around seeing if there’s anyone near her.
GIRL1: Hello? (Continues to walk a little more) Is anyone there?
When she turns and decides to keep walking, a bright light covers the whole screen. Sound effect of light taking over the screen. You will see Girl1 covering her eyes to avoid the bright light. Then after the light calmed down you will see Girl1’s back in the bottom center of the screen and a path appearing line by line in front of her. Small clocks floating around on the side of the path fade in. A couple of 25 different sizes and shapes of clocks in different angles. After they are all faded in, a giant church clock (tower) fades in starting from the bottom to the top. Every clock that “fades in” basically looks like it’s drawn. You will see the drawing process on them. The process of the big church clock starts at the bottom, and ends at the top.
After this Girl8 appears out of the ground and floats up (you will not see the drawing process of her) in this position: , though her eyes are more calm and closed. She also has wings made of shadows. From the point where she reached all the way up to the middle of the big church clock, she opens her eyes suddenly and starts attacking Girl1, casting shadows from her hands. Her body language and face is still really calm and “not caring” but more serious. Girl1 looks scared, sad and full of disbelief because she couldn’t imagine her sister doing something like this, turning against her.
She let’s Girl8 attack her for a while curling up as an armadillo in attempt to be her own shield. She starts dropping a few tears with eyes closed. Her face expression goes from scared-sad-disbelief to calm and decisive. She raises her hands and summons her shield first (this looks like how sora summons his keyblade) and then grabs it calmly from the air with a slightly impressed face expression. The camera focuses on Girl8 again, with a dissatisfied face expression and body language, but wondering what girl1’s plan is. Her hair is moving like there’s wind in her hair. Then she sniffs like “you are no match for me” and rolls her eyes. Girl8 is still in the air at this moment, but drops down now. She walks towards Girl1, still with her grumpy face expression.

Gameplay fades in: girl1 has to fight girl8.
When she wins the battle, the story will proceed to the next scene, also illustrated. The music stops when Girl1 defeats her twin.

Girl8 is injured in her arm and decides to stop battling her sister, her face is full of wrath. While Girl8 tries to “stay on her feet” her face expression turns slightly into a friendly smile.

GIRL8: (barely able to speak) Never expected… my little sis… to be so strong…

Girl8 drops down. She is bleeding shadows. Girl1 realises her defense went too far, so far that it injured her sister. Her face and body language show regret and self-blame. Girl1 wants to help her sister before she bleeds to death, but doesn’t know how. She looks around to see if there’s something - anything - to prevent her from bleeding. But the whole place is empty. Girl1 falls to her knees and starts crying. She opens her eyes as she notices a presence inside herself. (Cloaked figure theme starts playing) In this part of the scene you will see the “camera” zooming into Girl1’s eye further and further, until there’s only nothingness left. Then, the black background will turn into a space background. There’s a hand, far in the stars, that is almost invisible. But the hand comes closer towards the camera. The hand looked like it’s reaching for something before it turns into another position: it tries to give something, like it holds something. The music ends.

MYSTERIOUS VOICE: (whispering) Focus on what you need, and you will find it.

You will see Girl1’s closed eyes now, trying to imagine. Then they open.
You will see Girl1 sitting on the ground with Girl8 in front of her. Girl1 moves her arm so her hand is above Girl8’s injured arm. A silk bandage wraps around Girl8’s injured arm, coming from Girl1’s hand. Like the bandage had its own free will. The bandage wraps around tight and instantly heals the wound. Girl8 makes a sound, like she is in pain. Which causes Girl1 to show shock on her face, and also sound shocked. But it calms down shortly after, and Girl1 sounds relieved.
Right after that, she hears a noise of breaking glass. She looks up, a little afraid and searching for where it comes from. Girl8 is disappearing, fading into darkness, and so is the rest of the area she is in. When she sees Girl8 disappearing, she is shocked. Then she sees everything else disappearing. Every single thing that disappears gives her a little shock. When she disappears herself, she touches herself, begging not to disappear. The screen turns black.

Pixel Art / dino shading
« on: March 29, 2018, 01:55:03 pm »

how is this??

Pixel Art / how to fix the tail of this long neck dinosaur
« on: March 27, 2018, 01:49:57 pm »

please help feedback for other things also welcome

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