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Portfolios / 2D pixel artist for hire, cute and colourful art!
« on: March 07, 2016, 11:30:59 am »
Hello there, my dear reader. To begin my portfolio I want to say a few things about me. I am 20 years old guy from Finland, I have focused on drawing pixel art since my 12nd birthday and I have a very stylished and own style on it. Which it means, I am no Pablo Picasso but I do infact still have art style which will and can stand out! If you're looking for a unique look for your game, hit me! I do get inspired really easily, rarely I do hit the "block."

Only few words can make my head run and make something for you quick!
As example, I sometimes at twitter (@Minilinkki) take part in "pixel dailies" and last time I felt proud of my work, the word of day was "flower."

How it turned out? Well, suit yourself:

I have to remind you, this was a quick DOODLE.

So if you want to see, am I on the same map with you I can assure you free doodles before starting.  :lol:
Pardon my english too, I never really learned to speak or write english fluently but I do understand it 100%.

What can I do?

You name it! My strengths are Side-Scrolling and Pokemon/Zelda styled topdown view!
But I can do others well too! Here is quick picture how I have made some of the genres in different sizes:

As the picture speaks for itself, the size of sprite isn't problem. Neither the colour limitations. You want a zelda-styled sprites for every direction? You can have it!
You like more Super Mario styled platformers? Not a problem!

And if you're interested, here is how I have learned through years (the most left "sprite" is almost over 8years old!)

My works
Here I'll drop all of my works, mockups and sheets! (Bigger sheets will be links so it's easier to navigate thru topic :))

SHEETS: (Smaller ones)




Contact details

I hope you like what you see!
To contact me, the best way is via email:
By email you'll get in touch with me quickest.

I do also have a twitter and skype too, twitter I check daily but Skype mostly twice per week.
Skype: Minilinkki

The last question might be,

How Much?
The best way IMO is first to talk with you, what you want and how long it will take.
We can have a one big pile of cash or I can count my hours. I usually take 25 euros per hour, depends on what I am working on.
But it isn't limited to that, so that's why we should talk about it first. :)

To gain trust, I always take half of the money we have made a deal of before starting. Since there is scammers and I've been scammed a few times before (which I can only blame myself), I hope it suits you.

I take payments only with paypal (i'll use the PayPal Invoice system!)
And it should be self explanatory that after you pay me, you'll own the rights to sprites.

Thank you for reading, I hope to do business with you.

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