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Job offers / Looking for 2D Pixel Artist/Animation for action video game
« on: February 15, 2016, 09:14:35 pm »
First of all, a bit about myself.

I am a programmer and an avid gamer who grew up playing NES and on all the following consoles.  I own a PS3, PS4, XBox 360, 3 desktop computers (2 of which are used mainly for gaming)and a gaming ROG laptop.  All this to say that I am an avid gamer and now has come the time for me to make a game of my own and while I can draw, my skills are not good enough for what I am looking to make.

I have music covered and I am almost done coding the engine (It will need testing but I have also that covered).

I am currently developing a 2D action fighting type video game with RPG elements (in the style of River City Ransom) and I am looking for an artist to help me define a style and create animations and backgrounds for my game.

What I need is the following :

Static backgrounds, mainly city settings and I would really like to do some in Summer and winter version and some animated objects like litter, trash, paper blown by the wind, etc

Player/enemies, mostly males for now, might do females but right now, only males with the following animations : walking, idle, running, punching (direct, uppercut), kicking (knee, direct, flying/jumping kick), taking hit, worn out/panting, jumping, landing, falling down (back and ahead).

The look I am going for is cartoonish/funny faces and moves with some manga influence.

I can pay for your work or share partnership/credit in the game (the OR is important here).

The goal is to have enough art asset so I can make a good looking/complete demo for Kickstarter/Greenlight.

Thank you all.


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