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Unpaid Work / Looking for partners
« on: August 28, 2017, 12:16:47 am »
I am looking for a programmer and music/sound person that want to team up with me in making game projects.

I dont have the skills or drive to learn programming and non-programming game engines are too limited for advanced projects.

Also my knowledge in music theory is very limited.

You doesnt need to be professional (Im not) but must have a  passion for their work (as I am with my artwork and voice acting).

This is not an attempt to make quick cash but to release quality content (The money is welcome though).

My passion is 2d pixel art. Retro looks like stylized GB Pocket colors, the Pico 8 color palette with fluid animation are beautiful to me. I have lots of animations and character designs but without a storyline and the know how they are going unused.

I also have an idea that uses the Fez game mechanic so Iam not opposed to 3d.

I dont have the money to pay. This is a call for a possibly long-term partnership. My dream is to be apart of successful professional indie team.

If you are interested in joining me or know someone that may be please contact me:

Tumblr: Iamboaring

Looking forward to meeting a future partner.

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