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Pixel Art / [NEWBIE]Simple pistol, please give me feedback.
« on: November 20, 2015, 08:14:47 am »
So i made a pistol just because i was bored and would love some feedback on the shading etc.

Edit: For some reason when i insert a picture it doesnt show so here is the gyazo link,

So i just started learning to pixel art a few days ago and i am making random items to learn shading and what not and i need some opinions on how i am doing.
First i wanna know what handle you guys like the best.

Second, i'm not the best at shading and i dont really know when to dither or ditter whatever it is (the checkerboard thing) so i tried it out on the scythe and i would just like some feedback.

If you can give some feedback i would be really thankful.

And as something random, i wanna know, how do you make gifs of your animations?

So yeah as the title suggest i would like some links to some good tutorials for beginners. My google chrome is dumb apparently and when i search up "basic pixel art tutorials" it shows advanced tutorials. And whenever i think i found a good tutorial it is the same basic pixel art tutorial where it shows you how to set up Photoshop and draw something like a sun. Pretty much if you guys or gals could hook me up with some tutorials on how to draw basic characters, tile sets for platformers and basic backgrounds that be awesome! I know i could just find them on my own (which i am trying to do) but its hard for me to find good tutorials apparently. Alright well that's all thanks a lot if you help me out! ;D

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